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3 Easy Fixes to Your Broken Content Marketing Strategy

3 Easy Fixes to Your Broken Content Marketing Strategy

So you feel like you’re getting the hang of digital content marketing, and you’ve done your due diligence on blogging and putting it on social media, but  something isn’t quite right. Your content isn’t getting the attention or the conversions that you need.  You may find yourself asking where you went wrong,  if you have enough mixed media or the thought of re-branding is crossing your mind. 

Before you get ahead of yourself, and put the marketing department on an entire new project beyond the scope, scale, and budget that you have, we’ve put together 3 easy fixes to your content marketing that  have proven to deliver major results:

Content Marketing Essential: Editorial Calendar

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  We’ve all heard it from a mom, coach, or boss.  And we hate to say it, but they are right.  If you don’t have a good editorial calendar in place, then you most likely wont post anything.  Or at the very least, won’t post anything that delivers a lot of value.  A well thought-out editorial calendar is the key to organization, topic management, and steady social media posts.  All of which, over time, turn into an increase in brand awareness, fans, and business.  

Ideally, an editorial calendar will consist of two different planning stages:

  • Annual topic list
  • Monthly post schedule

Your Annual topic list should cover a multitude of topics that your business wants to hit in the next calendar year.  Get together with the different teams of your organization and find out what your business quarterly and yearly goals are, and start there.  Decide on one topic per month, that is a broad sweep, giving you lots of room to go in-depth with your blog posts throughout the month.   

From there, create a day-to-day, monthly post schedule, of different blogs, social media posts, relevant news articles and the like to put up on your website and social channels.

This will give you much needed organization to your content marketing strategy, but also a deadline that you need to hit each day and month.  In addition, you will finally have consistency and accountability, two essential components in a successful content marketing plan.

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We’ve shared the importance of SEO before, and here we are, doing it again.  The effectiveness of your content marketing strategy will rely heavily on your use of keywords in your blog and social posts.  If your website and blog don’t show up in search engines then the probability of acquiring a new client via search is very slim. Depending on your blog topic, you will need to find the best keywords that are being searched in order to show up in Google rankings.  

When putting these keywords into a blog post, a good rule of thumb to follow is keyword density should be at about 3%, which breaks down to about 15 times max per every 500 words.  If you have a skilled writer working on your content, then it won’t be hard to have those words peppered in to your blog posts with ease.  A skilled writer can make them fit into sentences and paragraphs seamlessly so that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. ( We followed the 3% rule on this blog post, and it’s hard to tell, isn’t it? )

Amplification Strategy

Once you’ve written some great content, it’s natural that you want everyone to read it.  If you’ve got your SEO down, then you have organic search covered, but you’ll want to put it out on social media as well.  With Facebook taking over Instagram, the temptation is to immediately put money behind a boosted post or Facebook ad so that it reaches far and wide immediately.  But when it comes to paying for reach to beat that Facebook algorithm, immediacy is not your friend.  

Facebook promoted posts and ads do best when the amplification of the post is first organic.  The best strategy? First, begin with your internal employees, having them like, comment and share the post.  Next, encourage your current customers to like, share and comment on the post. This can be done with engaging copy on your posts that prompts people to respond with a comment, share, or like.   From there, your goal is to reach current prospects or demographics that you’ve got your eye on, and then finally, new prospects or demographics.

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 Amplification Map 

Now going about this will require an in-depth strategy and analytics from your marketing team, with an action plan for who you will target for each Facebook ad, how much money you will put behind it, and when you will do it.  But, the results of growing an organic reach via your employees and current customers first will be exponentially greater than just putting your money up front before your current fans see it.  Why?  Because every dollar you spend on Facebook to promote a post or an ad after some attention has been gained organically, will send that post to a reach beyond what your organic reach has already accomplished.

While a content marketing strategy is full of layers and complexities, these are three easy steps you can take immediately to boost your content strategy.  But don’t forget to track your results as you go, so you can continually re-work and re-strategize to obtain better results.  

Randy Taylor3 Easy Fixes to Your Broken Content Marketing Strategy