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3 Ways to Support Small Businesses via the Internet

3 Ways to Support Small Businesses via the Internet

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and so you know what that means: it’s Small Business Saturday!  We are big proponents of shopping small, and as a boutique Digital Agency, we understand the value of supporting the local businesses around the holidays, and, well, anytime that we can.

Shopping small is important, but we also believe that monetary spending isn’t the only way to support local businesses.  Since the future is digital, it is in their best interest to support their digital efforts as well! Here are three small ways to support your favorite businesses that will make a big impact:

Tag Your Geo-location

Sure, this may be obvious, but checking in on Facebook or tagging your location on Instagram can go a long way.  Studies show that posts on Instagram that have a geo-location get up to 79% more engagement than those without a location.  Often, we tend to only share our location when it’s a new or novelty place, but our favorite spots are most likely the places that house most of our photo ops, yet get the least mentions. Next time you are at your favorite local coffee shop, clothing store, or restaurant, be sure to post about it and include your location!

Visit Their Website

We know, such a cliche for us to suggest that websites are key, right? But trust us, we know. When you visit a business website a few things happen:  First, Google analytics are able to track where you are going on the site and better serve you based on these findings.  One way to tell a business what you want to see more of on their site, is to visit that page frequently: If you like their blog, then go to it.  If you want to know more about events, click on their event page, and so on.  If their analytics are on point, they will be assessing these page visits and adjusting their updates and content accordingly.

The second thing that happens when you visit a company’s website is that you stay up to date on new products, events, locations and more.  As you learn of these changes, you get to tell your people and help spread the word, which ultimately brings them more business.  Bonus is that these frequent site visits may give you a front row seat for any awesome promotions.  It’s a win-win!

Ask Them to Consider E-Commerce

Most small businesses only sell their products and services on-site.  More often than not, they are new to the scene and want to keep the variables small.  However, as demand increases, they may be open to opening an e-commerce site in which they can sell their products online.  Having an e-commerce site increases accessibility to products, which can lead to an increase in sales and brand awareness.  In addition, an e-commerce site can open doors for a new customer demographic as well as a more robust social media presence.  But lucky for you, when you suggest selling their products online, you will get all the benefits without doing any of the work.

Certainly, shopping local is one way to support these local entrepreneurs, but this is the digital age, and there are more ways than one that we can help small businesses thrive by boosting their digital presence. So this year, instead of just shopping local, try out one of these three ideas to champion your city’s business owners.

Randy Taylor3 Ways to Support Small Businesses via the Internet