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5 Different Angles for Your Social Media Strategy in 2019

5 Different Angles for Your Social Media Strategy in 2019

It’s a brand new year, and we do mean brand–time to push yourself into something brand new!  Your company will become more appealing to the world as you commit yourself to creativity and innovation in marketing. The world will see your work in new ways when you change up your interactions. In the ever-expanding social media strategy of marketing, you can be one step ahead of the game. And because algorithms will be in constant flux this year, your unique brand strategy must be able to endure.

After extensive browsing, researching trends and stalking some of our favorite brands, we’ve put together a short (but powerful) list of five different angles for your social media strategy in 2019.  Let us know if you try any of these and what success you see in your strategy!

Selfie Videos

We know, we know.  Sometimes selfies can be cringe-worthy, but when used in an appropriate manner, selfies actually can have a very beneficial effect.  And here’s why. Have you ever noticed how polished branded videos on social are?  Always polished, directed, and rehearsed, the photos display perfect pictures of people and situations.  Of course, this is essential in best branding practices, but mixing up your social feed with a few unpolished selfie videos may be a way to boost your strategy.

People love to see that brands have actual people behind them.  It makes them feel more connected to the product and demonstrates that a real person is formulating a solution to their needs.  Also, your unpolished video gives you the opportunity to better connect with your customers. Why?  Chances are your messy desk looks a lot like theirs, and seeing your face and hearing your voice allows them to see you and relate to you personally.

Give it a try! Letting down your guard and your curated videos every once in a while may make a huge impact.

The Next Generation

After we’ve told you multiple times to speak to your current audience, we are going to add another element to these recommendations: talk to your future audience.  Who is going to be the next generation of your brand? Where is your brand headed in the next five to ten years, and what type of brand ambassadors do you envision?

With the answers to these questions in mind, you hold the ability in your hand to craft the future message of your brand and to help your users see it.  No time is too soon to start crafting that message. In fact, now is a great time to test out the next generation for both you and your future customers.  Slowly but surely you will see where you want to go and what sticks.  Let the crafting begin!

Rebuilding Trust

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Social media is a great place to build an audience for your brand, and it’s also the best place to lose your people’s trust. It’s the little things.  If you have not been the best at keeping up with comments, complaints, or even just engagement on your social feeds, it is the perfect time to make amends.  Engage with your customers to make the social media world feel smaller. Be punchy, funny, ask questions, use hashtags…do everything you can think of to engage your customers.  In this age of scrolling, no one should take it for granted that they are taking the time to stop on your feed, tag a friend, or comment on your post. Let them know you appreciate them by engaging in conversation!

An additional bonus: social media can serve as the best place for users to post reviews about your product or brand.  Whether they give you one star or five, it is always worth your while to go back and comment on these reviews.  Showing empathy for a bad review and offering to make their poor experience up to them goes a long way not only for the person who left the review but for anyone who happens to read it and sees how you respond.  Likewise, thanking someone for their business and sharing their unique experiences reflects your appreciation.


Ok, you caught us.  Influencers is not a new concept.  But, how you interact with your influencers can be something completely new.  Usually, brands connect with influencers to post #ads on their Instagram or Facebook accounts, or try out their products and write a review.  And while these tactics may be the norm as well as effective, what if your brand did something out of the box this year? While we don’t know your budget, certainly you haven’t used all of your the marketing dollars for 2019 already!  Here are a few out of the box ideas that may work for your brand:

  • Fly five influencers out to your headquarters to take a tour of your offices and document their trip on their social media
  • Host influencer parties in some of your biggest market cities
  • Put together a grassroots campaigns especially for influencers to help raise money for charity
  • Send monthly care packages to your influencers of other brands you love or are in partnership with…spread the love!

Dynamic Video Ads

As you probably already know, content such as videos and photos go a long way in the algorithmic favor on Facebook and LinkedIn, but now you can take these videos to the next level with Dynamic Video Ads.  In a nutshell, Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to run ads to users who have viewed your profile, or users who will be interested in your profile based on their likes and interests. Not only does this ensure your ads will be put in front of people who will appreciate it and hopefully engage with it, but it will also help you define your audiences (a task that is daunting for the first few months!).

Video ads are a great way to get content in front of your customers that share and demonstrate a story rather than just tell it.    They can be the perfect solution for killing two birds with one stone: targeting audiences and getting the word out there. Smart marketing at it’s finest!

With some out of the box thinking and creativity, your social media presence can stand out above the rest! We work with highly motivated brands who want to invest in their online presence to make a big impact on the growth rate of their company.  Contact us today to find out more about the type of brands we work with and how we can help you crush 2019!

Randy Taylor5 Different Angles for Your Social Media Strategy in 2019