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4 Ways to Add Clickable Links to Your Instagram

4 Ways to Add Clickable Links to Your Instagram

Social Media of all kinds provides the conduit for directing fans and followers to blogs, website, ecommerce platforms and more.  Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN, specifically, make it easy to post a link in an update and send viewers directly to the desired destination.  However, adding a clickable link to your Instagram posts doesn’t have the same effect as the others; Instagram doesn’t allow your followers to click through to the desired page.  

Don’t worry, if you prefer Instagram for your social media strategies but want to be able to send people to to specific links, we’ve got you covered!  In today’s post, we will show you 4 ways to add a clickable link to your Instagram profile so that you can direct traffic to your website to increase sales and growth. Most of these formulas have free options and free trials, but ultimately you will want to pay for the greatest benefit.   Be sure to look at all the pricing and plans of each to see what best suits your needs.

1. Edit Your Profile

For those of us who want to stay within the Instagram app and not use a third party, the easiest and free way to put a clickable link into your Instagram presence is to edit your profile with that link every time you make a change or addition.  Then, when you are writing your post, simply tell your followers where they can find the link.  Here’s an example post that will send your Instagram fans to your website for your most current blog:

“Tough problems require tough solutions.  Find out how we put our heads together and strategized outside the box to put an end to our client’s declining ROI.  Read the full post with the link in our profile!”

instagram profile 4 Ways to Add Clickable Links to Your Instagram

An instagram fan knows then that they can go to your profile and find the link they are looking for.  The one downside to this solution is that the link in your profile will always be changing. So, if a user is browsing through your Instagram feed, and sees another call to find a link in your profile, they will not be taken to the corresponding page but only the page that you currently have listed.  

This is a good solution, though, for users who are directing people to a general web page, such as a blog or ecommerce site that consists of just one page.  Keeping your link general will allow for the most possible traffic.

2. Link In Profile

Link In Profile is a solution that solves the conundrum of a changing link by putting a link in your profile and at the same time showcasing every single link that you have listed on your profile previously.   This is accomplished by essentially creating a link from your profile to a landing page. On that landing page a grid view of every picture where you put a link appears, giving the user the opportunity to choose which post they’d like to visit.   

This is a great solution for people who’d like to drive traffic to certain blog posts, particular items for sale, or even very specific pages.  Link In Profile is compatible with Etsy, Amazon, WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace, too! In addition, Link In Profile offers analytics so you can see which posts are attracting click-throughs.  These statistics, coupled with your Google analytics, will reveal how much your Instagram is not only directing traffic, but creating conversions as well.

3. Have2Have.It

Have2Have.It is made for ecommerce with the sole purpose of  making it easy to sell merchandise on Instagram. The program is set up directly to an ecommerce website, so if you’re looking for a diversity of avenues to direct users, this would not be your top choice.  However, if you are using your Instagram account solely for selling, then it is definitely worth a look. A desirable feature of Have2Haveit is a robust and user-friendly desktop dashboard that allows you to manage your posts, keep track of customers and their behavior, as well as customize your ecommerce store settings.  

Screen Shot 2018 05 04 at 9.48.46 PM 4 Ways to Add Clickable Links to Your Instagram

The one downside? Because of it’s casual name and notoriety for being a shopping solution, we don’t think the link they provide for your profile (example: have2haveit/TaylorDigital) looks very professional.  It depends on the vibe you are going for, but it’s something to take into consideration.

4. Tap Bio

Tap Bio is by far the most robust of any of these solutions.  It is a brand new start-up on the market from the makers of Link In Profile.  Tap Bio is created like a miniature website housed directly in your instagram profile.  Managed directly from your phone, Tap Bio also sets up a landing page to house all of your most important links.  

Depending on your needs, Tap Bio allows you to create “mini cards” which can direct users to specific places: a grid view of your instagram feed, other social media sites such a YouTube or Twitter, a single call to action card, or even a prompt to sign up for your email list.  Users simply swipe left to switch between cards.

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The need for a full-service website is still there, of course, but services like Tap Bio connect the bridges between social media and websites in a seamless manner.  

Social media marketing is paramount for every brand in the game.  With these four apps you can make the congruency between your social accounts and your website effortless.  

Randy Taylor4 Ways to Add Clickable Links to Your Instagram