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Client Spotlight: Auroralight

Client Spotlight: Auroralight

The projects that come through our doors are diverse, yet have one thing in common: the client has a business challenge and is looking to us to solve it. We have clients come to us with a need to reimagine their entire digital presence, but clients often have a specific idea that benefits from our experience.    

In the case of Auroralight, this is precisely what happened.  Auroralight’s website had just been redesigned, but they required a solution to create a user-friendly experience for architects, designers, and the like to choose lighting solutions in an organized and streamlined manner.  

The Need

As their website stood,  Auroralight provided a typical online shopping experience that allowed users to search, select and place a product into a cart.  While acceptable for the average e-commerce site, it didn’t fit the client need or the high end product offering.    

  • To begin, while set up like an eCommerce site, all sales with Auroralight products are made through their distributors.  
  • In addition, Auroralight specializes in creating whole lighting solutions for a home, in which buyers can create ambiance, mood, and use the lights as landscaping and interior design elements to take their property to the next level.

These two unique aspects of Auroralight created a specific need for the user:

  • The ability to easily search the database of Auroralight, dreaming up ideas and lighting configurations all in one place.  
  • The user also needed to be able to access product SKU’s, dimensions, metal finishes and other product choices in a format that could easily be communicated to their distributors.  

Screen Shot 2018 03 01 at 11.46.56 AM Client Spotlight: Auroralight

The Solution

Our team collaborated and put themselves in the shoes of the user.  We asked what it was that would not only solve this requirement but would make the experience above and beyond what anyone would expect from a traditional Ecommerce solution.  We researched available open source solutions and determined that to meet the client specific needs a custom solution was needed.

Screen Shot 2018 03 01 at 11.47.57 AM Client Spotlight: Auroralight

Our solution for Auroralight was a custom-built Configurator.  It is a password protected feature for their authenticated contractors who are designing projects and ambiances on a large scale.  And while one would normally not be able to see the functionality of this Configurator without a login and password, Auroralight has given us approval to show the publically available parts of the solution.

Take a look:


The Nuts and Bolts

The configurator was built from start to finish with the contractor and architect in mind.   Knowing these users are their target demographic allowed us to build a solution that directly fits their design process.  To begin, the user can easily choose the light that he or she wants to purchase or explore purchasing and place it directly into a Project Folder.   Project folders are unlimited per user, allowing for each user to work on multiple projects at once while keeping their product choices separate.  Even better, these projects can be saved for future use, so when a contractor has a new job that requires lights, they can easily showcase previous work, and reference exactly what lights were used in a specific project for potential re-use of the solution.  

From there, we knew that the user would benefit from the ability to change and play with different lighting details within each specific product choice.  For example, each light comes with multiple choices:

  • Material
  • Glare shield
  • Body style
  • Wattage
  • Optic
  • LED color
  • Riser Height
  • Riser Mount
  • Finish

Users have the ability to choose different options for each of these categories, so their lighting solutions are crafted perfectly to the ambiance they are aiming to achieve.  Especially when working with multiple lights or projects, the numerous choices could become overwhelming, so our Configurator takes out the grueling task of handwriting all the options down or keeping a mental tracking list of what different configurations generate what prices.  

Screen Shot 2018 03 01 at 11.45.52 AM Client Spotlight: Auroralight

To this end, we developed a solution that does the work for everyone:  as product choices are selected and customized within a specific product choice, we developed a right sidebar that updates this information automatically.  As different design options are explored, information is updated automatically so the user can easily see what has been selected and the impact it has on price and the project as a whole as the user explore the world of Auroralight.  

Finally, in this process, we also created a custom ERP for the Auroralight team that automatically pulls all the lighting information and details from their database straight into their website.  This feature freed up time for the Auroralight team to focus on what matters, too, instead of manually entering every product spec and skew.  

We are so excited about Auoralight’s new Configurator because we believe that it accomplishes the main goal we have for every one of our clients: address and solve a need by building a creative and functional solution to elevate a brand’s digital presence.

Randy TaylorClient Spotlight: Auroralight