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Client Spotlight: Discovery Cube Science Foundation

Client Spotlight: Discovery Cube Science Foundation

We have the privilege of having Discovery Cube Science Foundation as one of our clients.  Part of the Discovery Cube Science Foundation are two non-profit science museums dedicated to offering children a hands-on approach to science in a fun and interactive environment.  Discovery Cube came to us with a desire for a website where the colors, fonts, and user experience matched the same interactive environment as their museums. In addition, they had a few very specific needs that would ultimately drive conversions.  

We happily took on this project and start collaborating.  The sites recently launched, so maybe open their website in a new tab and you can follow along as we explain what we did and why we did it:

Design for Functionality

The biggest pain point for Discovery Cube was the need for the Discovery Cube internal team to edit the content and photos on their website easily and quickly. Due to the ever-changing exhibits offered at the Cube, they needed a way that a team member could edit the content on their site without it being a source of frustration.   To this end, we custom built functionalities that allow editing to be seamless and quick.  

With updated functionality that made the website’s content adaptable, Discovery Cube is able to spend less time trying to figure out an antiquated system, and more time actually keeping their website up to date.  In turn, they are able to have their current events showcased on their site which drives more visits to these exhibits.  More visitors to the museums converts directly to a higher ROI.  

Screen Shot 2017 09 29 at 1.39.30 PM Client Spotlight: Discovery Cube Science Foundation

Design for Mobile

Another pain point that Discovery Cube was facing was their former site was not responsive; meaning a user could not easily use it on a mobile device.  The former site was designed for desktop, and while we know that browsing trends are overwhelmingly skewed in favor of the mobile device, we did a deep dive into their analytics in order to be sure that our responsive design choice was a reflection of the user, not just market trends.  

Based on their numbers, we discovered that most visits to Discovery Cube Orange County were women, in the 25-40 age range who were accessing the site on their mobile devices.  This information, coupled with Discovery Cube’s own assessment of memberships and who was walking in their doors, told us that the main users on their site were female caregivers who were searching for activities for children on their mobile devices.  

Having a site that was optimized for desktop was definitely not serving the user, and was most likely preventing people from converting their browsing behavior into a museum visit.  Our team changed this immediately, and gave their new site a responsive design so that it served the user well and will ultimately drive ticket sales and museum visits.  

Design for User Behavior

The Discovery Cube is known for their hands on approach to fun and science, and they wanted a website that was also hands on. Once we decided that Discovery Cube’s website was to be responsive and who was visiting the site, we did another deep dive into their analytics to figure out exactly where these visitors were going once they landed on the homepage.  The analytics revealed that the main page for visits was their calendar of events.  This makes perfect sense as users are planning trips and seeing what exhibits were on the horizon.

Our designers made a beautiful and functional calendar that is both hands on, and informational.  This design allowed for users on their mobile devices to easily find out what exhibits were currently at the Cube as well those that were coming soon, buy tickets, and export the events to their own calendar!  Here, take a look and see exactly how it functions:

Working with the Discovery Cube is collaborative, engaging, and fun. If you are local to Orange County or Los Angeles and haven’t been to their museums, be sure to check it out!  Oh, and don’t forget, you can grab all the information you need to straight from your phone!

Randy TaylorClient Spotlight: Discovery Cube Science Foundation