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Digital Agency Day 2018 is All About You

Digital Agency Day 2018 is All About You

It’s an exciting time around these parts because it’s Digital Agency Day!

The groundbreaking Digital Agency Day first began as a way for digital agencies to learn and educate themselves on growing their businesses.  In fact, many large marketing corporations offer online classes, summits and other resources to help agencies grow and expand. It’s a celebration of everything that digital agencies stand for: success, proliferation, teamwork, and ideation.

There’s one problem with this approach: it’s only about the agencies and not about the clients they serve.

That’s right.  We believe that we do what we do, we exist and thrive as a Digital Agency all because of you: our partners, clients, and prospective clients.  So while our team is always in growth mode–seeking to learn new skills, challenging ourselves and one another with new ideas, and finding educational avenues to add new skills for our reels–we have decided to make Digital Agency Day 2018 all about YOU!

Behind the Scenes

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First we got our team together and had some panel discussions.  The panel members all think differently but worked together to create a set of questions that would unveil what it’s like to innovate at Taylor Digital.  Why is this important to us?

We do not take the process of choosing your digital agency lightly,  and each and every time we get to dream and create with you, we are all in.  Maybe you’ve been a client for years, or you are just now getting to know us, our objective is the same. You trust us with your digital presence, so we must show you how we think.

We believe that the process is just important as the end result. Our hope is that these panel discussions inspire you, encourage you, and give you some insight into the unique thought process of our Taylor Digital team. We’ve assembled a few of our major takeaways and are looking forward to hearing how they resonate with you and how they challenge and inspire you.  

Psst: We also videotaped these panel discussions and posted them on our Facebook or LinkedIN pages.  Head on over there to see us in action!

Diversity and Humility Come First

It’s no secret that Digital Agencies are made up of many different types of thinkers..we have marketers, web developers, designers, writers, project managers and account executives…just to name a few.  Each of us approaches a client, an idea or a problem from different angles. Potentially, the variety of paths could present the problem of going around in circles and never come to a solution. However, we have honed in on this possibility and made it one of our biggest strengths.  

We pride ourselves in listening well and listening to listen not to talk.  We take one another’s perspectives as an opportunity to expand our own.   In addition, we can’t bring our egos to these discussions. While we love when our ideas are chosen and successful, we’ve learned that multiple perspectives are often better than just one, and that ultimately, it’s never about what we want; it’s about what our clients need.  

When our focus is on the user, and each of us knows our strengths and weaknesses, we are unstoppable…and our clients are as well.  Our diverse team is one of our biggest strengths and all the ideas we bring to the table, make humble learners out of each of us.

Why the Digital World?

Our team’s diversity stretches beyond our approach to client needs.  Our team is comprised of musical artists, parents, professional race car drivers, pastors, rock climbers, outdoor enthusiasts and more.  Wonder why they chose to work in the digital world?

I can tell you that my own shaping of Taylor Digital began when I imagined the capabilities of the Internet and all that it could potentially provide.  I saw possibility after possibility, becoming increasingly convicted of my need to be a part of something that would constantly evolve, change and stand at the brink of something life-altering.  Many of our team members feel exactly the same way because the digital world offers us meaningful work with unexpected twists and turns as well as opportunity to generate transformation. We take part in the burgeoning hope for medical advancements, quick ways to take in news and make an impact, the mastery of new skills, and the ability to share it all in life-changing efforts.

While the digital world offers all of the above, I have learned working with our team that the digital world is always exciting, and our team’s diverse set of skills only enhances it.  To have rock climbers and race car drivers design a website is exactly what the digital world is all about–bringing people and skills together to create something meaningful that serves others.  

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

Every company composes values and mission statements, but not everyone sticks to them.  I think it starts because branding exercises usually require us to think of why our organization or projects exist in the first place.  However, when the rubber meets the road, when teams expand and people get busy, the first to go, unfortunately, are usually values. Why?  Because they can be hard to keep. Values are like muscles and must be exercised every day, in many different ways and situations.

Our number one company value has always been “helping people succeed online.”  It’s a value, our tagline, our mantra and the lens we see everything through. We say it multiple times a day, and we see it on our headers and in our office because it really matters to us that we exercise this value in literally every decision we make: if it won’t help our client succeed, then we go back to the drawing board, no matter how great our idea seemed.  We aren’t perfect by any means, but we use the value of our client’s success as the road map to every single digital strategy. No matter how big our team gets, the number of clients we take on, or what the day-to-day brings, we are committed to exercising this value in every area of our work.

Collaboration Isn’t Just a Something We Say

If you’ve read our blogs or met us in person, you’ve heard us say that “collaboration is key.”  But what do we really mean by that? You most likely have been in meetings with other digital agencies or businesses who also tout that phrase, but when it came down to it, your final product was less than your vision and quite off the mark.   

The word “collaboration” to us means that there is an actual exchange of ideas between our team and our clients.  We aim to listen to learn and suggest ideas based on what we are learning. Collaboration is not just something we say, it is the only lane we know.  While we know clients hire us for our expertise, we know they are the right fit when their ideas light a fire inside our creative centers. We work best when we are actively learning from our clients at the same time we are educating them because we believe that the center for collaboration exists between great listening, good ideas, and intelligent execution.

We Are Taylor Digital

In a nutshell, these are the things that stick out and make us unique.  There may be thousands of Digital Agencies celebrating Digital Agency Day today, but we are celebrating you. For every unique attribute we have, it’s because you have taught us, encouraged us and inspired us to serve you well and continue to learn, grow, and change.  Together, we help one another succeed and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If we haven’t had the chance to work with you, we’d like to reverse that reality.  We hope that this insight into our team culture and work process has intrigued you and you want to know more.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, shoot us an email or reach out on social media.  Truly, we are ready and excited to help you succeed online.  If you can dream it, we desire to create it!

Randy TaylorDigital Agency Day 2018 is All About You