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Window Shopping with eCommerce

Window Shopping with eCommerce

When you Google window shopping, one of the first images that comes up is the iconic black and white photo of Audrey Hepburn from the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She’s wearing a black dress and elbow length gloves from the night before, she’s eating a Danish and staring wistfully into the window of the famous jewelry store. You might not think this has anything to do with web design and digital marketing, but let’s compare websites to window shopping. Immediately, you get a sense of how important strong visuals are to your eCommerce site.

Adidas worked with a digital marketing agency and took the idea of combining window shopping with website design to new heights a couple years ago at one of their stores in Germany. The window display highlighted a new line directed toward a younger audience and it featured touch screens that with a simple PIN code would connect to the user’s smartphone. The user played on the touch screen “trying on clothes” and then made their purchase through their phone. This innovative use of technology paired with solid principles of sales, content marketing and display. There are some good lessons to take away.

The 80% & 7 Second Rules

Consider that customers remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. You want customer’s to spend time browsing your site, in much the same way that shoppers are drawn to stores with enticing displays. Internet shoppers are increasingly researching and comparing products, services and prices among different sites. How do you make your site stand out, develop effective content strategy, keep users engaged and convert a site visit to a sale?

It’s estimated that you have about 7 seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention with your website. That’s not a lot of time to accomplish some very specific goals. Successful eCommerce sites tell their company’s individual story, and also accomplish the following (quickly!):

  • Tell what your company does
  • Capture the customer’s interest
  • Communicate what they should do on the site.

Making Use of Insider Info

We work closely with our clients and as a collaborative team to build sites with this in mind and fine tune the user experience to translate clicks into sales, repeat visits and shares. Taking cues from an effective window display, we know that signage is another key element. Window shoppers are drawn in by visual components, but without clear signage, the message gets lost. As a comparison, a great website will feature clean design with strong visuals, easy navigation and a call to action. Customers will know immediately what the company does through its logo, copy and images.

Content with images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. This probably seems self-evident, but I use this statistic to remind myself of another important point: As web designers, it’s our job to help keep the customer’s interest by making sure all the great images and videos on our clients’ sites load quickly and easily. This relates back to the 7 second rule of attention. Your “window shopper” will pass right by if images don’t load easily.

It’s not enough to have the window shopper standing outside looking in or continuing on down the street. You need them to walk in the door to make the sale. On a website, this translates into having clear interactive buttons to make purchasing or scheduling services simple. Once a customer is ready to place an order, it’s important to have backend functionality securely set. As a web design company in Orange County, Taylor Digital concentrates on making sure client information is as well-protected as possible from security breaches.

Finally, consider is that your window shopper may be browsing from their phone. In building an eCommerce site, you’ll need a platform that is optimized for mobile use. As a full service digital agency, we handle everything from design, graphics, content, search and custom web applications. Is your site ready for eCommerce? Check out one of our clients, iPort Products, to see how we helped them build a beautiful, functional, secure eCommerce site. In other words, we not only create the perfect window shopping experience – we even build the window frame.

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