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Email Marketing 101: Nurture Campaigns

Email Marketing 101: Nurture Campaigns

By definition, a Nurture Campaign is the process of nurturing relationships with buyers at every step of each buyer’s journey.  Where a Drip Campaign is more focused on segmenting your lists and getting to know your customers, Nurture Campaigns are about growing these relationships by delivering specific content related to their particular buying behaviors.  

After you have analyzed your data and your lists are segmented, you will  create another set of emails based on the interests of that specific list.  Like the Drip Marketing campaign, the Nurture Campaign emails will have tailored the content and CTAs uniquely for that list.  However, the difference in the specialized content of a Nurture Campaign and that of a Drip Campaign is this time you are using what you have learned about buyers’ interests.  Consequently, the emails for your Nurture Campaign can begin to market those services or products that speak directly to your users’ unique needs and likes.

The analytic data from these click-throughs can be used to continually put value in front of your subscriber until a conversion is made.  From there, you can look back at the data and forward at your company’s products to begin following your buyer on his journey:

  • How many emails did it take until a buyer converted?
  • What product or service did he sign up for?
  • What is the next logical step for the buyer?
  • How can we keep his loyalty?

Nurture Campaigns require due diligence to be taken on your email analytics, so that you can write compelling and click-through worthy content based on your subscribers’ behaviors.  Nurture Campaigns are designed to be sent out to subscribers based solely on their behavior and purchasing history.  Consequently, while Drip Campaign emails are sent out in a monthly or quarterly cadence, Nurture Campaign emails are sent in a timely manner in order to help your buyers in their purchasing decisions.  

Best Practices

Our Hubspot partners have done a great job in putting together a list of the 7 best practices for Nurture Campaigns.  Based on our experience, we’ve tweaked this list just a bit and paired it down to 5 best practices…and we think you will find it helpful:

  1. Send targeted content: Studies show that leads nurtured with targeted content produce an increase in sales opportunities of more than 20%
  2. Use Multiple Touch Points: remember that sometimes you need many avenues such as white papers, social media, or blog posts to help direct your customers.
  3. Timely Follows Ups: It’s true, time is of the essence.  There are much greater odds of a lead entering into the sales process if they are contacted within the first five minutes of an inbound lead being converted on your website.
  4. Dear____.  Make the email personal.  Statistics show that personalized emails generate up to 6 times more revenue per email than generic emails.
  5. Teamwork:  Every effort should be made to join the marketing and sales departments when doing a lead nurturing campaign.  When you all combine your efforts, you can save time and money as well as generate more leads.

Following the journey to your website and sending an email based on the behaviors you monitor will not only keep you at the forefront of buyers’ minds but will help close the sale.  If you are ready to take your email marketing efforts to the next level, we want to work with you!  Big ambitions need a big strategy and we love working with clients who are ready and eager to suceed online.

Randy TaylorEmail Marketing 101: Nurture Campaigns