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Email Marketing: Drip Campaigns vs Nurture Campaigns

Different types of email marketing prompt our clients who desire an email campaign to ask this very important question:  What is the distinction between a Drip Campaign and a Nurture Campaign?  Understanding the value and implementation of these two campaigns and which is best for you to implement can take your automated email campaigns to the next level and ultimately increase your ROI.

We suggest the first thing you want to do in starting any email campaign is to build your email list.  Because we understand that by law, you must get people to opt-in before you send them an email,  we have a few creative ideas about how to go about that endeavor.  Subsequently, we recommend beginning with a Drip Marketing Campaign, which requires collecting analytic data; and then starting Phase 2 with a Nurture Campaign.  

Drip Marketing

A Drip Marketing campaign is a type of automated email campaign in which email messages are intentionally sent out at specific days and times to specific lists.  These emails are written in advance and include a specific call to action (CTA).  Usually in a Drip Marketing campaign, the emails sent are based on the needs of the company, not of the user.  Because Drip Marketing emails are pre-written and sent on a schedule, the content and timing of these posts usually coincide with the needs of the sender who is following an intentional editorial calendar that has been created to meet monthly or quarterly targets.

These targets will not only identify when each email in a Drip Marketing campaign will be sent out, but it will also help you gain additional information about your customer and further segment your already existing email lists.

If you keep the content of your emails clear and your CTAs to one, specific goal, then your click rates will tell you a lot about your clients. Analytics from your Drip Marketing Campaign will reveal which clients clicked on what links, and indicate at what part of your campaign.  The click through links will reveal your client’s interests, and from there you can start to track conversions.  Over time, as more emails are sent with different CTAs , you can begin to build lists that are segmented by interest.  

Eventually, you will have segmented lists, and you will be ready to move on to Phase 2 of your automated email strategy.  

Nurture Campaign

By definition, a Nurture Campaign is the process of nurturing relationships with buyers at every step of the buyer’s journey.  Where a Drip Campaign is more focused on segmenting your lists and getting to know your customers, Nurture Campaigns are about growing these relationships by delivering specific content related to their buying behaviors.  

After you have analyzed your data and your lists are segmented, you will then create another set of emails based on the interests of that specific list.  Like the Drip Marketing campaign, the Nurture Campaign emails will have tailored content and CTAs that will be unique to that list.  However, the difference between the tailored content in a Nurture Campaign vs that of a Drip Campaign is that you now know the buyers’ interests.  Consequently, the emails for your Nurture Campaign can begin to market your services or products that will speak directly to their needs or interests.  

The analytic data from these click-throughs can be used to continually put value in front of your subscriber until a conversion is made.  From there, you can look back at the data and forward at your company’s products to begin following your buyer on his journey:

Nurture Campaigns require due diligence to be taken on your email analytics, so that you can write compelling and click-through worthy content based on your subscribers behavior.  Nurture Campaigns are designed to be sent out to subscribers based solely on their behavior and purchasing history.  While Drip Campaign emails are sent out in a monthly or quarterly cadence, Nurture Campaign emails are sent in a timely manner in order to help your buyer in his purchasing decisions.  Following the journey to your website and sending an email based on this behavior will not only keep you at the forefront of buyers’ minds, but will help close the sale.  

While both Drip and Nurture campaigns are of utmost importance in your automated email marketing strategy,  I hope we have shown you just how powerful it is to have both types of email automation in your toolbox.  Together, these phases will get the job done.