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Facebook Connect Opens The Doors

Facebook Connect opens the doors for your business to connect with your visitors and make your content more viral. Users can share pages with friends and family with as little as a single click. With Facebook Connect, they can take their friends with them wherever they go on the Web. When connecting your site you have the ability to lend access to over 300 million Facebook users. The users can share content with their friends by publishing a story, inviting their friends to join your site or letting other know about a particular event they are interested in. Everyone who views this published content will be linked back to your site. Facebook users can immediately stir up more activity on your site (pageviews) by finding their friends and passing on content.

“Since implementing Facebook Connect, the Insider has seen a significant increase in traffic on theinsider.com, and over 85% of new registered users are using Facebook Connect.” – CBS Insider

Randy TaylorFacebook Connect Opens The Doors