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Facebook Instant Experience and Facebook Pixel Updates In 2019

Facebook Instant Experience and Facebook Pixel Updates In 2019

We all know that if we want to market effectively, we must have our brands and businesses on social media.  Facebook is a front-runner in the social media game, and if we want to have a piece of the pie we must play by their rules.  Thankfully, for us, over the years Facebook has made it easier and easier to market effectively on their platform. In fact, their newest experience, called “Instant Experience” (Formerly Facebook Canvas) is designed to help a brand expand their presence on Facebook so their fans can interact with them in a more robust manner rather than simply giving a post a thumbs up.  

Facebook Instant Experience mimics that of a beautifully designed website and user experience without the customer having to leave the Facebook platform.  However, even with all, it’s bells and whistles, Facebook Instant Experience is not a full-fledged website and while it can do a lot, it can’t do it all. Here is everything you need to know about Facebook Instant Experience so you can make an educated choice on if your brand wants to use it, and to what degree.  

Built-in Templates

As is the case with Facebook Ads, Facebook Instant Experience allows for each brand to focus on one objective at a time through built-in templates.  Whereas a fully designed website will have the capability to house all the different facets of your brand, Facebook Instant Experience is solely focused on one goal of your business.  These focus points are:

  • Instant Storefront which helps businesses sell their products.
  • Instant Lookbook which enables businesses to display products much like an online catalog.
  • Instant Customer Acquisition assists businesses in acquiring new customers by displaying offers and a clear call to action.   
  • Instant Storytelling helps brands tell who they are and what they are about with compelling images and video.
  • Instant Form allows visitors to quickly share their contact information to learn more about your brand and what you have to offer.

The downside to this approach is that if you wanted to try and forgo a traditional website experience, your customer’s information on your brand is limited by the template you chose to use for Facebook Instant Experience.  This eliminates the many different tabs, pages, and areas of your website that a user can stumble upon when browsing.

However, the upside to using Facebook Instant Experience in conjunction with your traditional website is to treat each of these templates like a landing page.  Instead of housing a landing page only on your website, you can utilize the above template to double down on the impact of your social presence by using these temples (and switching them out) to meet specific needs of your business.  This allows you to take full advantage of the Facebook marketing platform as a means to enhance what you are doing in all other avenues of your content marketing campaigns.

Facebook Pixels vs Google Analytics

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Facebook has offered pixels for quite a while to use during an ad campaign so that brands could measure and optimize their audiences.  The goal of the pixel has always been to track any actions that a customer may make after seeing your brand’s ad in their mini-feed.  Did they go to your website after seeing the advertisement? Once there, did they buy something or fill their cart but abandon it? These insights help brands and businesses determine if the type of ads they are running or the audience to which their ads are being targeted are on track.  

Facebook is actually expanding the depth and breadth of the pixel for Instant Experience by making it possible to not only track the actions that customers are taking on your website but also by being able to re-engage with them on the Facebook platform.  Furthermore, Facebook is finally allowing brands to embed third-party pixels to simultaneously track how a campaign is doing and compare results. This will allow for a very robust reporting system in terms of knowing and understanding how your Facebook advertisements are doing and not just within Facebook but also in conversions on your actual website.  

However, let it be clear that in order for you to take advantage of these great tools, you must have an actual website.  And on that website, we also suggest making sure you don’t stop the use of a powerful analytic system such a Google Analytics and even your email campaign insights as well.  These additional reporting platforms will also give you data regarding conversions, but it will be a fuller picture because you can compare your Facebook data to that of your entire web presence.  

A Powerful Solution

If your company is born out of a social media presence, Facebook Instant Experience may be a really good move for you to take your digital presence to the next level.  Think of it more of a stepping stone to collect more data on your user as you wait patiently for your website to be finished. Facebook Instant Experience does provide a robust set of marketing tools for your business, but it would be easy to be caught up in this narrow set of data.  A powerful and successful online presence is not single focused, but multifaceted with visitors who are finding your website from multiple different channels so that your customer profiles are diverse and plenty.

One can never underestimate the power of a new website or website redesign.  We specialize in creating beautiful and user-friendly sites for big brands with a big vision.  You know there is much more to your story than a template on Facebook can offer, so let us partner with you in helping you succeed online.  

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