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Why Your Site Needs High Quality Content & How To Keep It Fresh

Why Your Site Needs High Quality Content & How To Keep It Fresh

Don’t sell drills, sell holes. Theodore Levitt, economist and professor at Harvard Business School, offered up this way of looking at advertising and it’s prompted a fair amount of discussion in digital marketing circles over the years. We’re using this concept to take a look at digital content marketing –  from website pages to Facebook ads to blog posts and beyond. It helps us in keeping digital content quality high and making sure it’s fresh.

Content Tells Stories.

So how does the idea of selling holes apply to digital content? It’s ultimately about telling stories. If you try to sell a drill, you may write enthusiastic copy extolling the main features of your drill. That is good info for the consumer. But if you try selling a hole, you’re opening up a narrative that easily includes all the great features of your drill and more. Why is that hole being drilled? There are thousands of possible reasons. Hanging curtains in a new home? Building a treehouse for the kids?

Each of these possibilities is a story ready to be told. Through this type of narrative, you demonstrate some key points in reaching your client or customer through quality digital content:

  1. You demonstrate that you know your client or customer base. You spell out their needs. You show them you understand the challenges they face.
  2. Provide solutions and help for those challenges and pain points.
  3. Identify your niche or specialty. This will make it easier to write original content that rings true to your client base.

Tricks To Keep Digital Content Fresh.

It’s also important to remember that this story isn’t static. The days are long gone where website development meant throwing up a couple of photos, a page or two about your product or service, a contact number and then walking away for a few years. Websites and digital content need to change and evolve. Your customer is expecting to see new chapters in the story you’re telling. And so is Google.

Keeping content fresh can increase your Google ranking. Here are a few ways to update content that we’ve found work in search strategy:

  1. Use your keywords. Hopefully the research has been done to identify the strongest keywords for your business. If you’re not sure, take a look at this post on SEO.
  2. Update links on your main content pages. This helps Google take a new look at your site.
  3. Revise pages or add new pages to insure that your site is up to date with the rest of your industry.

At Taylor Digital, our Content and Search teams work closely together, strategizing on what each client needs and working out a plan to sustain a consistent voice and a measurable return. That can mean different things for different industries, but we always employ best practices whether we’re doing a quick brush up on keywords for a client, developing a social media campaign or simply reviewing website content. We like telling our clients’ stories – we’re in the business of selling holes, not drills.

Let us tell your story. Find out more about our digital content packages. Give us a call today!

Randy TaylorWhy Your Site Needs High Quality Content & How To Keep It Fresh