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Getting the Most ROI from Your Landing Page

Getting the Most ROI from Your Landing Page

A landing page can be an important component of a brand’s digital presence.  It serves a unique purpose apart from a web page.  Generally speaking, a landing page is a single destination page that appears as a result of clicking on an SEO search result or advertisement.  A landing page is designed to capture leads and create conversions because its main function is to generate leads.  

However, landing pages also provide unique opportunities for your business to show value, to engage the user and to be creative in your marketing endeavors.  We believe that landing pages are the most effective when they are merged with other resources that will ultimately enhance multiple facets of your brand strategy.  

We’ve put together a short list of different ways for you to optimize your landing page to get the most ROI.  When done correctly, your landing page will not only generate leads, but will serve as a platform to put into practice new and effective strategies that will take your brand to the top:

  1. Content Marketing

It may surprise you to note a frequently overlooked element of Content Marketing is the value of giving knowledge away.  Of course those unique, proprietary elements to your brand you won’t want to give entirely away!  However, the best way for people to know and understand your value is to give away some content.  White papers, case studies, and research findings to name a few examples, reveal your expertise to your customers without compromising your ROI.  

Using a landing page for these purposes is ideal as landing pages can be made and targeted to website visitors based on their specific behavior.  For the visitor who lands on your blog page, offer that user a white paper of your most recent findings.  For the site visitor who lands on your products page, offer them an exclusive behind-the scenes video of making the product.  Offering these different elements as downloadable forms will give your site visitors a glimpse of what type of value you provide, while offering each user an opt-in opportunity to be a part of your exclusive insiders.  

2. Contests that Create Buzz

Screen Shot 2017 12 02 at 9.01.18 AM Getting the Most ROI from Your Landing Page

Running a contest is a great marketing strategy for your business.  People love to win things, so be sure that your marketing plan includes the appropriate demographic, a prize that makes sense for your brand and audience, as well as a multi-layered approach to spread the word.  We’ve had success in setting up a contest through WooBox, which creates landing pages as entry points for the contest.  From there, visitors can gain more entries through social sharing.  

Screen Shot 2017 12 02 at 9.00.54 AM Getting the Most ROI from Your Landing Page

Check out these screen shots from our client ThuasneUSA.  The first image is their regular site and the second is their landing page for a contest they are currently running.  Notice how the graphics are branded in a way that is both congruent with their normal look and feel, as well as fun and exciting for this specific contest.  These landing pages give ThuasneUSA an opportunity to run a contest, collect emails, promote social sharing, as well as show off their fun personality that is oriented around a healthy lifestyle.



3. Email Integration

Lead capture is the main goal of any landing page, but we suggest taking it a step further and using the landing page for email integration.  SharpSpring, for example, is our preferred email marketing software.  It’s robust and dynamic, while allowing us to be specific and targeted.  One of our favorite features is the option to build dynamic landing pages that are not only geared towards lead generation, but that can fully integrate with your email marketing campaign in SharpSpring.  

A SharpSpring tracking code is automatically embedded into landing pages to capture every visit.  In addition, additional tracking is given when a visitor clicks to an external link.  These analytics, when paired with email opt-ins, can give you valuable information regarding the behavior of your site visitors and email subscribers.  From there, your drip and lead generation campaigns can be taken to a new level of intentionality.  

4. Product Launches

Among the many strategies to let your customers know that a new product is on the horizon,  email marketing and social media are certainly on the top of the list.  But these marketing strategies are just one piece of the puzzle.  Sending your interested customers to a landing page with a beautiful design that give glimpses of what’s to come, will not only create a buzz around your product, but simultaneously offers a perfect spot for new product details, launch information and even pre-order opportunities.  

Of course, you’ll want to maximize on this landing page by asking visitors to opt-in to be informed of any exclusive information.  These emails can also be funneled and used for a drip campaign as the date for the product launch approaches.  

Every business can benefit from a landing page, but to have successful results, you must be intentional about the why behind the landing page.  A landing page that is placed arbitrarily will not get you the outcome you want, but also will be a missed opportunity for creativity within your digital strategy. Carefully designed landing pages which embody your company and its uniqueness will create desire in your users to learn more about you!

Randy TaylorGetting the Most ROI from Your Landing Page