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How We Became a Digital Agency…and Why You Need One

How We Became a Digital Agency…and Why You Need One

When you sought out to build your business, or you joined a team of strategic thinkers, every facet of your strategy for growth, customer retention and ROI was thought out carefully. In addition, you are most likely re-evaluating your strategy on a regular basis, assessing what worked and what didn’t, how you can grow and what you can do to meet your goals during the next month, or quarterly period.

In the beginning, you strategized, had team meetings in which you hired the best talent you could find, because meeting your goals is very important to you. Your business is your dream, and success is your livelihood.

We get it. Taylor Digital is a company that was bred out of the same passions and desires, started by one person who sought to grow a team of strategic thinkers. When we started, it was just me and my computer with a desire to help people grow their business online. As the Internet has grown, so have the needs of our clients. At first, a functioning and beautiful website with basic contact information was enough for our clients because the demands of the digital world did not expand beyond that. But as these demands grew to include the need for social media, responsive web design, google searches and SEO, then our list of services had to grow as well.

Evaluating the Need

Why? Because I started Taylor Digital with the goal to help people succeed, and I wouldn’t be living out our mission if I didn’t grow and expand to include these services. So let me ask you the same questions:

  • What goals did you have for your business when you first started?
  • Given the changing tide of the market, are you still able to meet this mission?
  • In what ways does your digital presence need to change in order to see the success and growth that you desire?

A Digital Agency is a company that provides technical, creative, and strategic development of screen-based products and services. While a website with content may have suited you and your business needs at first, the digital tides have changed, and most likely you are finding yourself in need of more services.

As a Digital Agency, we seek to help you and your efforts be at the forefront of the digital space. We don’t only build websites, we provide SEO and Content Marketing strategy, hosting services, updates, support and more. Take a look at a full list of our services and see what it is that you are missing in your digital success strategy.

Randy TaylorHow We Became a Digital Agency…and Why You Need One