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Offering Premium Content That is Worth Downloading

Offering Premium Content That is Worth Downloading

On the one hand, we all know that premium content is necessary but on the other, there are only so many white papers you can give away before it feels redundant, superfluous, even long-winded!  However, with all the expanding content avenues, you have the concurrent, wonderful freedom for new and refreshing premium content to provide your fans and readers. But, we know this new opportunity also brings lots of questions for you and your content marketing team:

  • What are the relevant and exciting pieces of premium content that I can offer?
  • How do I know what information to provide in the premium content?
  • What is the best way to get website visitors to download premium content?

We understand it takes strategy, time, and money in order to provide premium content that will keep readers engaged and turn them into active clients.  In this blog post, you will get answers to all these questions, plus practical tips on how to implement what you learn quickly and with ease.

Premium Content: More Than White Papers

When you think of Premium Content, what comes to mind?  The most well-known examples of Premium Content are:

  • White papers
  • Ebooks
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
  • Product Guides
  • …and more.

And while these types of content have proven to be effective, we want to suggest considering the possibility that offering premium content that is refreshingly out of the box will not only be as effective, but maybe even more compelling!  

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Because technology is always evolving, even if your company isn’t in the technology field it would be a miss to not utilize contemporary avenues of content marketing.  When anyone, no matter their field, utilizes new technology, it sends a message to the clients that their products are also at the forefront of innovation.

So, let’s take a look at some of the different types of content marketing avenues, to inspire us to think outside of the box and offer some of these as new avenues to premium content.  Here are a few examples:

Podcasts:  We know it seems like everyone has a podcast these days, but that’s absolutely because they are easy to listen to and provide valuable content to listeners.  Podcasts allow listeners to hear unique, multiple voices surrounding a niche topic.  To offer a podcast as premium content will not only reach more people, but allow you to go into deeper discussions surrounding topics that are most important to your brand and those matters that set you apart.  

Exclusive Facebook Groups: Social Media is much more than ad space.  In fact, most people miss the days that they could engaged in real, meaningful conversation on social media.  Yet, an important feature of Facebook is the contingency that allows for closed groups. Brands (or people) can offer access to closed groups where conversation can be facilitated, as well as exclusive live videos can be viewed, and you are given the rare moment to talk with your most valuable customers personally.  

Video Series: Harnessing exclusive video content such as web seminars or live training will give you an edge with the competition.  It is one thing for users to buy your products and read a training manual, but very few can get their questions answered personally, straight from the horse’s mouth.  Reaching out to an individual user offers invaluable, irreplaceable advantage. iStock 970350938 300x200 Offering Premium Content That is Worth Downloading

Google Hangouts: Similar to the social media groups, Google Hangouts offer an opportunity for clients to have a face to face with their favorite brand.  Leveraging Google Hangouts to unveil an exclusive sneak peek at a new product, or to provide an opening for a focus group to hone in on a brand new idea will not only be exciting to your favorite customers, but will give them a sense of ownership over what you are launching.  

Utilizing new technology not only sets your brand at the forefront of the competition, but gives you the added bonus of getting to know your customer in a deep, expansive way.  

When to Provide Premium Content

Offering Premium Content is always a good idea, so the question becomes not  if you should offer premium content, but just what type of content is optimum.  A good general rule to follow is that of the Buyer’s Journey.  The stage of your client’s buying cycle will determine the type of content you will choose to offer them.  The keys to premium content are relevance and timeliness; these considerations will give your client the answers and resources they need exactly when they need them.  

Here is a quick run-down of the Buyer’s Journey and the type of content corresponding with each stage:

Awareness: Your buyer is looking for answers, resources, education and insight.  This is the stage to provide stats and why your product or service brings value.  

website design funnel 220x300 Offering Premium Content That is Worth DownloadingEvaluation: Your buyer is researching and comparing your product or service with that of your competitor’s.  The content offered in this stage should tell your story and what sets you apart from the competition.  This is the perfect opportunity to utilize a personal touch.

Purchase: Your buyer is in their final stage and ready to take the leap into being a customer.  Your premium content for this stage should be exclusive and add value to the exact product they will be purchasing.  

Offering valuable premium content at the right stages in the buyer’s journey will ensure that you are providing value that enhances your products or services.  

How to Get Downloads

All this great content is phenomenal, but only if your customer downloads, listens or participates.  While there are many different ways you can get your customer’s attention, there are a few tried and true avenues that you won’t regret:

  • Inbound Marketing: A multi-layered approach, but worth the time and effort.  Inbound marketing keeps track of your customer’s journey and helps target them with emails or pop-ups that are relevant to their current buying stage.  
  • Social Media: Relevant social media ads are a great way to put your premium content in front of the right users.  With the targeting filters that platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook offer, you can target your ideal demographic as they are scrolling through their social media feeds.
  • Landing Pages: Landing pages still offer brands a great way to get the attention of their website visitors in a targeted manner.  Be sure to include a clear call to action so that your customers know where to click.


Marketing your premium content and getting it in front of people is just as important as the actual content creation.  

Premium content is a necessity in your marketing strategy.  Premium content not only provides value to your customer, allows both parties to connect on a deeper level, but it also has the potential to help you scorch the competition.  We love working with clients who want the best for their business and value their investment.  We are ready to start helping you suceed online whenever you are!

Randy TaylorOffering Premium Content That is Worth Downloading