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The Importance of Post-Website Launch Maintenance

The Importance of Post-Website Launch Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for your website just like it is for your car or home. A website is never completely finished, but leaves an open opportunity for improvement. Putting a website on the Internet is no longer enough to gain exposure and expect visitors to return. Every successful website depends on proper maintenance from Day One of launch to improve content, user experience, user interaction and traffic.

Improve Content

Increasing your website appeal will keep the user engaged, help spread the word and keep users coming back. You can achieve this by keeping your content fresh with news, events, data visualizations, and even a blog. You can use these opportunities to share industry tips and information that are from your unique perspective. Sharing such insight provides an insider feel to the content that visitors cannot find duplicated anywhere else. If your schedule is tight and you don’t have the resources to create such content, you can share interesting articles from other industry insiders and share your thoughts in an opening paragraph to position yourself as an industry leader. By keeping the focus on topics you are knowledgeable about, your shared insight will give users a glance into your business experience, which will help you gain a valuable asset – trust.

website maintenance The Importance of Post Website Launch Maintenance

In today’s technology-driven world, visiting a website before you walk into a store or plan to attend an event is the norm. Potential customers will interview you based on your website before they ever speak to you. According to Nielsen NetRatings, out of the 53 Billion website requests every day the average person usually visits 59 domains, views 1,050 pages averaging 45 seconds for each page, and spends about 25 hours a month doing this! Ensure your website is up-to-date and review your website (monthly or bi-annually) in addition to keeping the content fresh.

Revise User Experience

After your website launch it is important to look back at the analytics you have (hopefully) been collecting. This will give you great insight on your successes and failures from the user perspective. This is valuable information because no single website is perfect and you can discover ways to improve your user experience once your website begins receiving traffic. By looking at where users spend most of their time, what they do, and where they leave your website, you will know where to focus your attention and improve your quality of service. By enhancing the pages that users visit the most you can capitalize on your investment more effectively.

internal user interaction The Importance of Post Website Launch MaintenanceYour goal should be to make an easier and more intuitive experience for your users to find what they are looking for. This can be done with a few simple changes, yet those simple changes often have dramatic effects. Some of the most effective methods of utilizing your data are increasing the number of photos, improving descriptions and adding related links or other clarifying information. By anticipating user needs and improving your offerings over time you will organically increase exposure and awareness. In order to move beyond relying on data alone, however, you’ll need to speak to users directly.

What’s Next?

internal grow traffic The Importance of Post Website Launch MaintenanceWhen you launch a new website the first concern is to make sure you are found within the sea of 11.9 million e-commerce and online business websites, 4.3 million entertainment sites, 3.1 million finance-related sites, and 1.8 million sports sites. With so many choices, how will you increase your traffic?

By utilizing some of the methods named above in combination with effective networking you will begin to funnel in new and past users. This is accomplished by increasing incoming links from high ranking websites, internally cross linking your valuable pages, utilizing keywords and improving your search engine optimization.

It’s never good practice to launch a new website and let it sit and become stale over time. Many of our clients receive over 50% return visitors and growing search engine referrals as their main source of traffic. Secure your investment by taking advantage of Taylor Digital’s new annual support program that lets clients invest proactively in their website.

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Randy TaylorThe Importance of Post-Website Launch Maintenance

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