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The Power of Automation Marketing

The Power of Automation Marketing

We know you’ve heard about the value of email marketing before, so we won’t bore you with all the facts other than this important fact: over 3.7 people use email regularly, AND 59% of marketers say email marketing is their biggest source of ROI.  While the current, prevailing theory is that the best avenue for marketing is social media, the statistics don’t bear this out. In fact, 72% of users prefer email marketing to only 17% who prefer social media.  So while we won’t reiterate the importance of email marketing anymore, we will skip to why it matters: at Taylor Digital, we not only offer email marketing, but do so with an automated email marketing system that allows clients to track, follow up, and engage their customers in strategic ways.

Let us proudly introduce to you our automated marketing platform Sharpspring and tell you what it’s all about.

What is Marketing Automation?

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The difference between marketing automation and a regular email marketing campaign is utter and absolute.  However, to the untrained eye, they can feel very much the same. A standard email marketing campaign is designed to send out updates, deals and other important information regarding your company.  And while these emails may be effective, their impact is usually short-lived. Why is that you may be asking? Because email marketing should and can do more than grab the attention of a customer once or twice, but can also create a steady stream of loyal brand advocates who will choose your brand again and again and again…over the competition.

While a conventional email marketing campaign may garner a few clicks or even a sale here and there, automation marketing is designed to create automatic and curated content based on your subscriber’s behaviors.  This next step takes a regular email campaign and brings it to the next level by tracking your reader’s behaviors and then sending them additional emails later, based on products or services they had interested the first email.

Creating Content for Automation

Often times a client comes to us wanting an email campaign that consists of monthly newsletters.  While we are creating content for these emails, the first question we must ask ourselves is: “What pieces of content can lead to more, curated content?”  It is our job as a team to not only hit the target of the monthly emails but to include clickable links that will lead to specific areas of their websites that will then mark a specific interest or behavior to that reader. Ahead of time, we have already mapped out the three or four areas of interest contained within that email and set up an automated, drip email marketing campaign to target these specific interests and behaviors.

Not only does this increase the chance of your subscribers finding something on your website that interests them, but it also makes them feel that their needs are understood and can be met by your brand.

The SharpSpring Difference

Now that you know a little more about Marketing Automation, it may seem to be something you can accomplish on your own.  And while you are more than likely more than capable of managing, having marketing automation software at your fingertips will make all the difference.  And because marketing automation is a multi-layered approach, a platform that does all the hard work for you can make the most difference. At Taylor Digital, we are proud to utilize SharpSpring for all of our client’s Marketing Automation needs.

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SharpSpring does everything that we mentioned above, and a whole lot more.  SharpSpring allows for endless customization spanning the rate at which emails are sent, to the parameters of why they are sent, and a method to track these emails and create conversions.  Here are some of our favorite features of SharpSpring and why we love them:

    1. Emails that focus on the buying process: SharpSpring makes it easy to send curated emails that focus on the buyer’s journey.  SharpSpring offers “after-the-click” tracking which tracks what the customer does after their initial click.  Through this research, we are able to establish where the customer is in the buying process and send them targeted emails that can help them move to the next stage of the journey until conversion is created.
    2. Dynamic Forms with a Purpose:  Dynamic forms are often used on websites, but sometimes it seems as though they were placed there because it is the thing to do.  SharpSpring lets no form be placed without purpose by allowing for complete customization and mapping from a third party. This means that you can use a familiar form for your site visitors while accomplishing something out-of-the-box.
    3. Leads and buyer personas worth noting: SharpSpring takes identifying leads and creates buyer personas for the next level.  Through an automated workflow builder, you are able to keep track of all leads and buyer personas to make your curated emails as personal and detailed as you’d like.  And for a bonus feature, SharpSpring provides you with a list of daily leads with their specific activities in case you want to send out a directed blast specifically to target these leads at any given moment.
    4. Landing Pages that Convert: In addition to email marketing, SharpSpring utilizes every channel possible to create conversions.  One of the most unique ways they do this is through dynamic landing pages that change based on visitor behavior and attributes.  Therefore, the same lead tracking software can be used on visitors who haven’t signed up to be on your subscriber list just yet.
    5. Blog and Social Media Integration: Sharpspring makes it easy for those site visitors that need some extra reminders from many different channels to see your content no matter where they are.  Implementing Social Media integration and a blogging platform that is not only user-friendly but integrates RSS, Sharpspring software sends new posts to your subscriber list, which does much of the work for you.

Working with Taylor Digital

SharpSpring is a powerful automated marketing tool; but, we believe it is the combination of our forward-thinking efforts, collaboration with our clients, and over 100 years of experience that allows SharpSpring to really shine.  We create custom content for our clients and work with them to meet their goals. Our backend work with SharpSpring means that its features are tailored to each of our client’s specific needs which will help them meet their quarterly goals and increase their ROI.  SharpSpring is a powerful tool we utilize for our clients because we believe that the best type of campaign is intelligent, progressive, and client-centric.

We work with all different types of clients, but all have one thing in common: they have big ambitions to meet big goals.  They see the value of investing in their brand to expand their online presence and make a name for themselves in the digital space.  Clients partner with us when they are ready to invest in their future and growth.  Contact us today so we can help you take your online presence to the next level!

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