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Unlocking Your Demographics is the Beginning to Knowing Your Customers

Unlocking Your Demographics is the Beginning to Knowing Your Customers

So you’re staring at your Google Analytics because you need a report on your customers, either for your boss or your banker, you need those numbers.  And it needs to be very, very detailed.  So you write it all down, every number and datapoint, take a step back and look at the figures you’ve collected:

You’re average user is a 29 year old female, lives in London, enters your site through social media, averages 1 minute and 90 seconds before exiting by clicking on a paid advertisement.

I don’t have to be in your shoes to say what we are both thinking:  yikes.  You can’t give that information to your boss or banker.  Why not?  Because that information alone tells you virtually nothing about your customers.

We have to take this information and now we can figure it what it means for our brand, for our products, our marketing, our customer relationships, and our business strategy.  What if the above information ended up giving you crucial insight into your marketing campaign?  Or you discovered that the reason your product was so popular in London was because it had the same name and or branding of another popular product?  Suddenly, you have a task of re-branding or designing on your hands, which would ultimately help change the customer who exits into the customer who purchases.

Now that is demographic information you could present to your boss.  And perhaps lead up a new project to boot!

 Here’s a quick low-down on some unique ways you can dig deeper into those demographics to make leaps and bounds into the new year.

Age and Gender Demographics

GenderDemographics 300x171 Unlocking Your Demographics is the Beginning to Knowing Your Customers

  • Ask yourself if you are hitting your target audience. If you aren’t or even if you are, but you desire more interaction, then take a look at the language you are using to speak to them.  Think jargon, humor, and getting their attention.  They will trust your content more if you are speaking their language.

  • If customers came from Facebook, connect the dots to your Facebook analytics to find out what age and gender clicked on what content. Then take this a step further by collecting a sample of these people, and find out what they like: chocolate or vanilla? What is his or her favorite leisure activity?  Favorite song?  Single or married?  Believe it or not, these facts have everything to do with your products.  Because our lifestyles are what make us consumers of specific products.

  • And, even take these statistics a little further with a site such as YouGov, that gives a plethora of information regarding each demographic.

Social Media Demographics

  • General information (like this inforgraphic) regarding social media demographics is helpful in understanding the overall landscape of a social media platform.  This will give you a starting place to begin to understand how to interact on each social media platform, and what products will elicit a better response on these difference platforms.  Strategically promoting your products to certain genders, household roles, and even job status has just became much, much easier.

  • Programs such as “Social Mention” gives real-time information regarding how your brand or product is being discussed across all social media platforms.  Real-time marketing is especially essential during product launches or pushes.  You can quickly change your social platform, language or content at the start of a campaign if it’s not getting the response you desire.

Behavior Demographics

Reviews 300x223 Unlocking Your Demographics is the Beginning to Knowing Your Customers

  • Reviews that are more candid in nature such as on Amazon or the App Store will give you useful information regarding what your customer is using your product for.  Is it being used to it’s full potential?  Market the holes, so that your product now becomes an all-in-one solution.

  • Take a look at how long your customer stays on your site, which pages they favor and where they exit.  Coupled with the existing information you have on them, get inside their head and walk in their shoes.  If you were a 29 year old female who preferred chocolate, would choose country over hip hop, and was married with a child on the way; then why would you have decided to leave this site?

  • If you don’t have a large enough customer base yet, platforms such as “Audience” by Survey Monkey allows you to ask questions from a target demographic of your choosing. This gives you the ability to test a new campaign, or piece of content while you’re still becoming familiar with your audience in order to make the most impact.

It’s time to get in their heads, and spend a day in your customer’s shoes.  Eat like them. Talk like them.  Do what they would do, and find out how your brand and product actually fits into their lives.

At Taylor Digital we specialize in helping you understand and cater to your customers.  And to do that, you need to know your demographics.  Through web design, content creation, SEO and SEM efforts, we form a relationship with you so that you can have a relationship with your customers.  Call us today at 949.391.3333 ext. 701  for a free consultation on your site, so that this year understanding your customers is your top priority.

Randy TaylorUnlocking Your Demographics is the Beginning to Knowing Your Customers