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Want More Authentic Business Relationships? Try These Social Networks Instead

Want More Authentic Business Relationships? Try These Social Networks Instead

A recent study shows that our brains can only hold up to 150 personal relationships, 50 friends, 10 close friends and 5 best friends.  These statistics are based personal relationships, not client relationships, but aren’t relationships what good business is all about? This blog is about helping you find tools to hone in on those key relationships for developing your client base through social media.

The goal on all the large social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn) are all about popularity.  Popularity sells advertisements, investors, and can gain clients, because people tend to trust the general public.  And while this serves it’s own purposes, sometimes these platforms can be poor communicators on the one-to one level.

We’ve gathered up 5 social media sites which are smaller in size and scope, allowing you to have a more personalized business relationship via social media with potential clients, other business owners, and even new talent.  Given the option, most people would choose to be a name rather than a number.  Here are a few social sites (some made for businesses, some tailored in this post to be used for businesses), that will shrink your social circle with the hopeful result of building more authentic relationships.


1. Path

Path, a smartphone app, follows the advice of the statistics and only allows each user to have 150 friends at once.  And, even within that close knit group, you can have an inner circle to which you share, message, and communicate.  Path would require a very strategic social media strategy because the point isn’t just to share content, but to build relationships.

With emoticons that take the place of “likes” you can more accurately share your emotions with the posts from your circle.  Path’s newest feature, “Talk” allows you to see which of your contacts is near by, and has features like group chat, private messaging, and voice messaging. In the future, you can expect messaging available to business platforms as well.

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2. Highlight

Highlight is a new(er) social app that is all about location technology.  If your marketing concentration is local business, or if you want it to be, this is a great option to make new connections.  The apps tells you who is near by, and what these contacts are doing based on what they decide to share.  You will know if someone you know by association is at the same coffee shop, and can then introduce yourself and what you do.

Highlight remembers who you’ve run into before, lets you know if you have any mutual friends or things in common, and helps you make your neighborhood a bit smaller.  What a great way to get out in your own backyard and make some connections.  The best part?  You will probably start contributing more to local business locations and get an ever better feel for your neighborhood.


3. Meetup

Meetup is perfect for networking with both business professionals and others in your industry with shared interests.  This network facilitates gatherings, meetings, and social outings based on your shared interests.  It’s a great way for business professionals to come together and share ideas and talent, to network with those looking for a new job when your team is hiring, or even brainstorm ideas with how you can partner with local businesses.

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4. Local Measure

Ok, Local Measure isn’t exactly a social media site, but you’ll need to use it if you are interested in what people are saying about your brand.  Local Measure is able to track in real-time what those around you are saying about your place of business.  The service then analyzes the data and delivers it to you.

This is especially helpful for you to know where your local social media efforts are paying off, and where those around you are frequently visiting.  Not only is it a great tool for understanding brand sentiment, but it’s a great tool to get out there and do some old fashioned relationship building by going to your customers instead of them coming to you.


5. Zerply

Zerply, like LinkedIn, is for business professionals to share their achievements, connect with one another, and even scout new talent.  The difference between Zerply and LinkedIn?  You get to share your achievements in a beautiful and colorful way through a digital portfolio that features videos, pictures, and slideshows.

With an interface much like Google+, you see someone’s work before you read their resume or see their photo.  This is not only a great tool if you are looking for new talent, but also a great way to gain inspiration and share resources.  We are all in this together.

We believe that building strong relationships built on trust is the best way to network and do business.  We take pride in our client relationships and would love to help you do the same.  To begin, we will help you go over your current social media presence, what we can do to improve it, and meet the goals you have set for you and your clients.  You can start this process by filling out our complimentary review form, or call me today at 949-331-3333 ext. 701.


Randy TaylorWant More Authentic Business Relationships? Try These Social Networks Instead