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Want More of the Mobile User Market?

Want More of the Mobile User Market?

I discovered a recent study that showed the top 10 most widely used smartphone apps. If we want our businesses to thrive in this new mobile market, we must be thinking about how our businesses can make a big appearance on these apps.

We’ve discussed before the need to design for mobile functionality and aesthetics, because the growing audience is going to be looking at your website via their mobile technology.  But, our designs must reach beyond the world of mobile functionality and into the world of mobile convenience.  

Research suggests that mobile users spend 80% of their time on their phone using a mobile app. Why? Because apps get them the information they need quickly and effectively all within one location.

The Top Two

Here’s how you can make sure that your site is designed to meet the need for convenience that society demands today through the use of the two most used mobile apps:

Google Maps Logo Want More of the Mobile User Market?

Image courtesy of Google

Google Maps: Make sure your business is listed in Google search as a business.  Getting listed is easy, and only take a few moments.  Google Maps just got an update, and here are a few features that basically act as free marketing for your business if you are listed:

  • Gmail:  Google will soon start pulling relevant results from the users gmail to generate the most relevant results.  So if you’ve been sending out smart email marketing to your clients, then your email (along with your business address) will show up in the search on their smart phones.

  • Find Business Details:  Google Maps now lists more information regarding each business. This new information includes call to click, sharing location, website, hours, review, and estimated time from current location.

  • Explore: Typing in the word “explore” in Google Maps now brings up a list of businesses by category, and all the relevant information needed to make a potential customer into a buying customer.  If you’re listed, then you are included in this showcase.

  • Street View: Users can now see the street view of your business, which is especially helpful if they are new to the area, or your place of business is sometimes hidden from plain view.  It helps users orient their position and places the visual image of your business in their minds.  In addition, users can now easily share this view through a text message or email.

  • Reviews and Ratings: The “go-to” for reviews on local businesses used to be Yelp. But now, you can read and write your own reviews and ratings on each business within Google Maps. And for the sake of convenience, users may choose to stay within one app for all the information they need, rather than toggling between the two.  While many businesses like yours may show up on maps, your ratings may make all the difference. And, if your ratings are shown right under the location, and they are good ratings to boot, then the potential customer may stop their search there and choose your service over your competitor’s.

Facebook: As a business on Facebook, and especially the Facebook app, can benefit greatly when their customers or potential customers see them while they are browsing Facebook.

FacebookLogo Want More of the Mobile User Market?

Image courtesy of Facebook

  • Check-In: When someone “checks in” to your business on Facebook, their friends see this and your Facebook business page is tagged in the post.  From this information, friends of your client can find easily “like” your page, find your address, write a recommendation, and find out any other relevant information.

  • Get Directions: Users can click on the address of your business, and then have the option for the address to open up in their maps app, and provide directions to your business right from where they currently are viewing your page.  This allows for people to know where you are located and how to get there, in a very convenient manner.

  • Call: Users can also click the “call” button on their smartphone and immediately call up your business.  This may make the difference in converted a customer as you are able to answer any questions they have right then and then.

  • Special Events: Have a special event going on? Posting relevant information and photos during your event and promotion can cause a potential customer to join in.

At Taylor Digital, we not only can partner with you to create digital solutions for your business, but we also recommend a continual partnership that results in an ongoing update of your mobile presence and marketing campaigns so that your business will always be putting the best foot forward.  Start by filling out a totally free complimentary review and you’ll also receive a FREE half hour consultation from our experts.

Randy TaylorWant More of the Mobile User Market?