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Why You Need to Understand Your Analytics

Why You Need to Understand Your Analytics

Analytics aren’t just something that your web designers have installed for you.  While it may be that, it’s much, much more.  Understanding your analytics will give you much deeper insight into your business than you may think.  Have you traveled on an airplane lately?  You know the plane tracker that you can watch and find the plane icon move slowly across the map on the screen?  I enjoy that tracker because I know exactly where in my journey I am: I know how far I’ve come, and how far I have to go until I make my destination. Google Analytics is a lot like this tracker: on the journey of our businesses, we like to see where we are.  How far have we come and how much further do we have to go to reach our destination? With Google Analytics, we can measure our success by diving deep into traffic patterns, analyzing customer experience, and giving us real insight into what the customer encounters when they go to our site.  

planetracker Why You Need to Understand Your Analytics

Google Analytics gives valuable information that indicates how customers behave, giving insight into what it’s like to be a customer of any given businesses. The numbers and statistics are only the tip of the iceberg.  The real mass of the glacier is found underneath these numbers and statistics when we ask ourselves (and our business) questions of how these numbers pertain to real people, from real places, who spend time with our products.

Here are a few aspects of Google Analytics, and a few corresponding questions, which may help you dive deeper into your statistics and numbers.

Content Analytics-  Content analytics gives you insight into the pages of your website that are the most popular, the ones that are the least popular, and the “path” that your customers go on when they visit your website.  Your content is one of your best assets. It’s the true “plane icon” on the map in front of you to gauge your success. By understanding how a customer found your site, you can see what your SEO rank is, and how well your keywords are actually working. Questions you can ask yourself while looking at your Content are:  Is your site providing all that you want it to?  Where do they enter your site?  Where do they go next? What is their exit point? You’ll know all these answers by watching the behavior of your customer.  Studying the content analytics of your customer allows you see your site with fresh eyes and understand your heading, your keywords, and your call to action with new eyes.  Where are your customers get stuck on your site?  What pattern do you see emerging that is making a potential customer convert into a buying customer?

Mobile Analytics- Mobile analytics allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers who are searching on-the-go. By studying our analytics we can see how many people are reaching our site from mobile or tablet devices, what their behavior is, and analyze if the way our site is designed and information is laid out if we are providing these users with the best experience possible. Is our site hindering or helping their circumstances? Mobile analytics gives in-depth information regarding mobile apps (from discovery, to download, and engagement), as well as how many people are accessing your site and on what type of device.   This information should alert you to take into consideration how your site is designed: is it Responsive?  Does it provide a friendly user experience across all devices? And, if your company has native apps, taking a look at the findings will help you determine if these apps are having the desired effect you are intending.  But, once we are aware of how important mobile and tablet friendly sites are, we can take these analytics a step further. By understanding the behavior of our mobile audience, we can start to recognize other important mobile-friendly aspects of our sites that we may have overlooked:  Can you be found on Google Places?  Does your contact information offer a click-to-call feature? Is your site equipped with social media integration? By asking these questions behind the analytics, you are one step ahead of the user, and able to predict what mobile users may need when viewing your site, before they even get there.

mobileanalytics Why You Need to Understand Your Analytics

Social Reports- We already know that social media is an important part of your business and that your presence in the social media world affects your SEO.  But what else do we know about the things we do on social media?  Social Reports through Google Analytics offers in-depth information regarding which social networking sites are driving traffic to your website, as well as the monetary value of conversions that resulted from these social networks.  Analytics within social media sites can give us wide ranging info about who is talking with us, liking or retweeting our posts, and give us a chance to engage with our customer.  This information coupled with Social Reports on Google Analytics can help you determine what happens after your fans or followers engage with your posts. Does most of your engagement happen on the social feed itself, or has the time, effort, and energy you are putting into social media paid off and the engagement has translated into a loyal, purchasing, customer?  As a bonus, you can also set goals for your social media efforts to translate into engaged users, and you’ll be able to track which social media campaigns are helping you to reach your goal.

Analytics can provide us with whole new insights into our brands, but we have to know what these numbers can tell us about the behavior of our customers. We are here to help you ask the right questions and gain further insight into your analytics.  Let us walk through your analytics report with you. For a free half hour consultation and a free evaluation, click here and we will go through your analytics together.

Randy TaylorWhy You Need to Understand Your Analytics