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WordPress 5.0: Here’s What You Need to Know

WordPress 5.0: Here’s What You Need to Know

WordPress 5.0 is Live Today

As WordPress 5.0 is released today, you should notice a substantial change in the program’s new interface and redesign. The 5.0 update is unlike any version WordPress has released before, and it will affect your other plugins.

What’s new in WordPress 5.0?

carlos muza 84523 unsplash 300x214 Wordpress 5.0: Heres What You Need to KnowGutenberg. It’s all about Gutenberg. The new WordPress editor is the focus of the update, changing the admin experience. The new update aims to keep WordPress relevant to the times, keeping the platform in the fight for market share against sites like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.. Gutenberg will be a new experience for WordPress users, and perhaps something that will need some getting used to. If you are a Taylor Digital’s Care Plan, you can rest assured that we’ve already gotten everything transitioned without a hitch.

You can expect large-scale changes:

  • The user interface and experience will be much more clean, modern, and help you navigate in a better environment.
  • Web Developers can now expect greater ease when creating applications.
  • Block builders will allow you to build pages like never before.

WordPress & WooCommerce Update

chris ried 512801 unsplash 300x200 Wordpress 5.0: Heres What You Need to KnowFor anyone using WooCommerce on their WordPress site, you will need to update to WooCommerce 3.5.1 +. Before you start your WordPress update, check to see what version of WooCommerce you’re currently running. It also might be helpful to read WooCommerce’s announcement on how to update.

As always, remember to always test the update in a staging environment before going live. You’ll want to catch any bugs or mistakes before your customers, visitors or audiences do. In order to update to WordPress 5.0, you’ll need to be running 3.5.1 +.

Luckily for Taylor Digital Care Plan members, our team has already updated your site to make sure you continue running without any problems. For others, this is a great opportunity to enroll in our Care Plan program to ensure your site is managed with the care and attention it deserves. Should you have any concerns or comments about your site, or need help with updates – you can reach out to us and we are happy to assist you.

Randy TaylorWordPress 5.0: Here’s What You Need to Know