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Your Post Website Launch Checklist

Your Post Website Launch Checklist

We know you’ve labored relentlessly on the planning, executing and delivering of your new website, and we couldn’t be happier for you.  New fonts! New colors! New content and images…oh my! You have put time, money, effort and craft into your digital presence anticipating the REVEAL, your big moment.  We don’t want to spoil this moment for you, because yes, your launch is huge and worthy of celebration! But every relationship needs a dreamer and a realist, and we are going to be the latter for the moment:

The launch of your website is your announcement to the world that you and your brand are ready to be alive and vibrant in your lane.  But it’s not the finish line, it’s actually only the beginning.  In order for your brand to take flight in the digital world, there are a list of things that you need to have in order after your website is launched.  

Call it your post-launch checklist, but the reality is you should have your ducks in a row before you set the world on fire. However, no matter when you’ve launched, it’s never too late to implement these core strategies.  

Without further adieu, here are the top 5  items to have on your post launch checklist:

  1. Editorial Calendar

Social media seems like a no-brainer, right?  We know, everyone has a social media plan. But the difference between a social media plan with intention and a social media plan merely to have one is enormous.  One of the biggest reasons why social media marketing is important is that it drives people back to your website.  This means that each and every post should point the user back to your brand new and shiny website.  

But this doesn’t happen on a whim; this happens because you’ve created an editorial calendar that is based upon your quarterly and monthly goals with clear calls to action and steps to gather analytics of each post.  When you have an editorial calendar you know where you are going, what your goals are for the month, and you are constantly evaluating what is working and what is not, to get your user to your site.  

  1. Email Marketing Campaign

If you’ve already launched a website, then it’s time to tell the masses and shout it from the rooftop!  If you don’t have an email marketing list, then a landing page (see below) with a form for the user to fill out provides an excellent start.  If you do have an email list, then now is the time to use it!  Announcing your new website launch with a list of features or pages you want your users to visit is a great way to re-engage those on your email list.  

  1. Landing Pages

Landing pages provide a great way to track your user, gather useful information, and set your user on track for becoming a loyal fan of your brand.  How can one page do all of that?  To put it simply, a landing page is an extension of your website which directs the user by way of a specific link, usually embedded in an email or social media campaign.  However, these links are typically the result of intentional targeting to a specific demographic for a specific reason.  (The purpose, however, is typically because these links were targeted toward a specific demographic for a very intentional reason.)

The reasons for tracking might be to assess audience growth, growth in sales, expansion of customer demographic and more.  A landing page makes it possible to understand where these potential customers are coming from, if they are converting, and if and how they long they are staying on your website….and where they are going exactly.  

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  1.  Care Plan

To put it plainly, a website doesn’t run itself.  By nature of being a part of the fast-paced digital world, the framework and backend of a website will need updating in order to function optimally.  Just like your car, a website requires specific maintenance to ensure that it’s up and running to the best of its ability.  

To ensure that our client’s websites are staying up to date, we offer a Care Plan.  In these plans, we test for plugin compatibility, perform updates once a week as well as check and test website status twice a week.  In addition to having the assurance that your website is up to date, because we are in charge of keeping it working and thriving, if it does in fact crash, we fix it on our dime.  Why?  Because that is how much we believe in the importance of a care plan.  

Like a good insurance plan, a care plan is an essential part of the ongoing success of your website.  

  1. Google Analytics

The importance of Google Analytics goes without saying.  Without it, you will not be able to know your website traffic.  After going through so much effort to make your website unique and branded well, it would all be fruitless if you weren’t able to track who was visiting and what they were doing while on your site.  

Google Analytics provides useful information about your site visitors including their entry and exit points, their paths of behavior, and how they got to your site in the first place.  Good Analytics are crucial to your SEO strategies, your social media plans, email campaigns, landing pages…and more.  It is literally the backbone to understanding how your new website is performing and these analytics will help drive your sales goals, customer acquisition, and conversions.  

When you launched your website, were you ready?  What items on this list did you have in place, or what items do you still need to prepare to keep your digital presence impactful and cutting edge?  

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