Web Application Developer

Job Description

Taylor Digital is looking to hire a highly motivated web developer to join our team and help improve our client deliverables. In this position you will contribute directly to creating and maintaining web applications and websites for our clients.

We currently leverage a wide variety of technologies covering the full stack of web development including Laravel, Phalcon, Ruby on Rails, Magento, using MySql. Keep in mind that this true web application programming – HTML, JavaScript, and CSS alone are not enough to land you this gig.

Please note that are highly interested in developers early in their career, with a passion for technology, software development, and the web. While a high level of experience isn’t necessary for this job, you’ll absolutely need to be adaptable and a quick learner.

This position pays between $40k-$70k salary (+ benefits) based on experience.

Skills & Requirements

A variety of these traits will help land you this job. You have:

  • 3+ years of paid web programming experience or a recent relevant degree
  • Experience with at last one web scripting language (e.g. PHP, RoR)
  • An aptitude for picking up new languages and technologies
  • Responsive design fundamentals
  • Responsive frameworks (Foundation, Bootstrap, etc)
  • Leveraged an agile development environment and release process
  • Successfully used version control (we use Git)
  • Add features/functionality via custom Javascript/jQuery
  • Implementing 3rd-party libraries and basic APIs

To get hired at Taylor Digital, you MUST be:

  • a highly skilled communicator (in English; both written and spoken)
  • a critical thinker; capable of mapping out complex ideas on a whiteboard
  • proficient in Google Mail, Calendar, Docs, and Drive
  • highly productive despite distractions and perpetual collaboration
  • passionate about emerging technology (we’re a tech company first)
  • a self-starter who doesn’t need micromanaging (we don’t have time for that)
  • thick skinned, good humored, and able to roll with the punches
  • career-oriented and actively looking to increase your responsibilities
  • willing to admit when you screw up (it happens to the best of us)
  • fiercely loyal to both our customers and team
  • trustworthy, reliable, and easy to get along with
  • enthusiastic and eager to take on new challenges
  • adaptable and willing to wear whatever hat gets the job done

In this position you’ll:

  • be mentored by senior engineers and staff
  • interact daily with our engineering, IT, quality, and support team
  • contributing original code to our core platform and clients applications
  • help fix things that break

Other details:

  • We’re a quickly growing 20+ person tech company.
  • We value productivity over long hours.
  • We actively balance work and play.
  • This is a full-time position in San Clemente, California.
  • We don’t relocate (you must live in Orange County!)
  • We won’t speak with recruiters of any kind. Seriously, don’t bother.
  • We’re not taking calls regarding this position.

This candidate must have immediate availability to start.

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