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They say “practice makes perfect” and by the portfolio of Chameleon Designs, this saying is absolutely proven true.  For over three decades, Chameleon Designs have turned blank canvases into award winning model homes, office spaces, apartment communities, information centers and more.  The beauty of the spaces they design is multi-faceted and they needed a new website to reflect the many different layers and areas of expertise. In order to show off these three-dimensional spaces in a two-dimensional computer screen, we designed their new site with full page, parallax scrolling images.  These images give the site visitor a chance to see the details of each space just as if they were looking at it face to face. Additionally, we set up Chameleon’s website to be responsive, so these images would remain aesthetically pleasing no matter the size of the screen the visitor is using.


But that is not all.  We also made an interactive portfolio feature allowing users to expand multiple photos of a certain property and scroll through these photos without being directed to another URL.  Site visitors can even select their favorite properties for easy reference. Finally, we wanted to set up Chameleon with a dynamic and compelling blog so they could showcase their thought leadership, innovation and creativity behind their design choices.  Since the website launch, the team at Chameleon has been blogging regularly and posting to their social media accounts. We were so excited to be a part of such a creative process!

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