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Coast College Community District came to us with the need for an attention-grabbing landing page that highlighted Alumni Stories of Impact. With the design elements and content already provided to us, we collaborated with the Coast College Community District by providing crucial feedback regarding ADA compliance. ADA compliance is of utmost importance on every landing page and website build to ensure that individuals with disabilities can easily access the page and gain information and resources they need.

The feedback to Coast College Community District given by our team was critical to following the Americans with Disabilities Act. The colors in the design needed to adjust in order to be vibrant enough to compliance standards, and a few images and fonts needed to be adjusted to the correct dimensions and sizes. While these changes were minor, they made a major difference for compliance, in addition to making it possible for those with disabilities to access the site easily and effectively.

Our team was able to successfully deliver this pivotal feedback to the Coast Colleges team with an explanation and relevant suggestions. Then, the Coast Colleges team made the specified changes and when ready, we were able to execute on the plan for building the landing page.

The Coast Colleges landing page project was an all-around successful project in not only building the landing page they envisioned, but ensuring that it was user-friendly, fully functional, and ADA compliant.

Check out the Coast Community Colleges landing page here.

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