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Creative RV came to us with a need to transform their product-driven site into a lifestyle driven site. The team at Creative RV needed their new site to focus on the benefits of the RV life through vibrant and compelling photos, videos and content, yet they did not want to lose their product categories so they would still be able to provide seekers with the information they need.

Creative RV’s new site is the epitome of discipline, it was built with consistency in design elements throughout the site. All photos and videos chosen were selected to provide an accurate and enlightening picture of RV life, as well as match their clean and beautiful branding elements and design.

And while we know that not everyone navigates life or websites in the same way, we designed the customer journey with multiple and specific users in mind. We provided fast to the point navigation for the experience RV customers, while also including an intuitive navigation process that assisted in introducing novice RV customers to a process of learning and discovery.

Working with the Creative RV team was seamless and energizing as they provided clearly defined goals and direction. We worked together as one collaborative team from beginning to end.

Invite us into your team and we will earn your trust with successful results.

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