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Discovery Cube Foundation came to us with a desire for websites where the colors, fonts, and user experience matched the same interactive environment as their museums. In addition, they had a few very specific needs that would ultimately drive conversions.

The biggest pain point for Discovery Cube was the need for the Discovery Cube internal team to edit the content and photos on their website easily and quickly. Due to the ever-changing exhibits offered at the Cube, they needed a way that a team member could edit the content on their site without it being a source of frustration. To this end, we custom built functionalities that allow editing to be seamless and quick.  

In addition, through analytics, our team discovered that the most site visitors were visiting from a mobile phone, yet the Discovery Cube sites were not optimized for mobile.  Our team changed this immediately and gave their new sites a responsive design so that it served the user well and will ultimately drive ticket sales and museum visits.

Finally, our developers also made a beautiful and functional calendar that is both hands on, and informational.  This design allowed for users on their mobile devices to easily find out what exhibits were currently at the Cube as well those that were coming soon, buy tickets, and export the events to their own calendar!

View a full write up of how we accomplished these features here. 

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