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When it comes to creating communities, NewMark Merrill is an expert.  On paper, NewMark Merrill is a company that is focused on property management, design and construction, financial services and retail marketing.  However, to anyone who has worked with NewMark Merrill knows their mission and strategy far exceed this skill set. NewMark Merrill is dedicated to creating shopping centers that take a holistic approach to the entire community.  With efforts focused on community leadership and support, authentic environments for tenants to pursue and succeed at their entrepreneurial dreams, as well as creating space for shared knowledge and education, NewMark Merrill is a one of a kind design firm.  


Because of their unique nature in supporting and upholding community efforts, we wanted to create a website for them that put their work on display while showcasing their mission.  To this end, our team opted for a sleek and seamless responsive design with dynamic imaging of NewMark Merrill’s properties. We also outfitted the website with an interactive map powered by Google in which future entrepreneurs could find places to lease and grow their business. Finally, we created a dynamic page for industry news, which help highlights specific NewMark Merrill communities as well as gives new site visitors a peak into what it’s like to work with NewMark Merrill.  

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