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Rox Medical is a cutting edge medical device company that has developed a brand new method to help control uncontrollable high blood pressure. As an established European country seeking to establish credibility and trust in the United States, we needed to create three different websites to cover this multi-faceted company. is the main hub for all company accomplishments, updates, and general information. This website offers exclusive updates to their cutting edge medical therapies, information regarding high blood pressure, information on medical professions, their international presence as well as their medical trial. Due to the copious amounts of information on their main site, our designers worked with the Rox Medical team to find the perfect balance between content and images, while keeping brand imaging and color combinations consistent.

The second site that we built for Rox Medical was dedicated to their medical trial of the ControlHTN2 medical device. An implantable device that is designed to control uncontrollable high blood pressure, the ControlHTN2 site was built to be an information hub for all questions regarding the medical trial. Our team designed a special “Find a Doctor” feature that allowed site visitors to search in the geographical region for an eligible doctor participating in the clinical trial.

Finally, was designed to bridge the gap between the known and trusted Rox Medical name and it’s established presence and success in Europe with it’s breaking ground trials and presence in the United States. The International site is a product-specific website for the areas of jurisdiction in which the Rox Coupler has already been approved. Not only does this website offer a contact point for International clients and customers. It also provides background information and possibility for those wondering where the company is headed in the United States.

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