Strike Out Slavery


As soon as we heard the mission behind Strike Out Slavery, we knew we wanted to be a part of building their website.  Dedicated to ending human trafficking, Strike Out Slavery is taking a one-of-a kind approach to raise awareness and give resources to help end human trafficking.  By joining forces with key MLB players, Strike Out Slavery is able to host awareness days at MLB parks and an after hours concert as well. This fast-growing movement that highlights a critical cause as well as some big name supporters needed a website that did this movement justice.  


Our team put our heads together to create a beautifully designed and responsive website that simultaneously showcases the importance of raising awareness for human trafficking while highlighting the key players involved in the mission.  We accomplished this through eye-catching images, compelling video, and clearly defined branding throughout the website. Since education and word of mouth are key in the success of their mission, we made sure to include seamless e-commerce integration in order for ticket purchases, a page dedicated to resources and education, as well as links to Strike Out Slavery’s social media pages.  Our team had a great time collaborating with this forward-thinking company!

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