United Capital

  • Corporate Website and over 50 Regional Office Websites

    We created a mobile Responsive web application with a content management system to support both the corporate website plus each regional office website.

  • Sales Force Integration

    Integration with Sales Force automates the workflow of lead generation and opportunity tracking.

  • Find An Adviser

    National search engine integrated with integrated mapping system.

  • Getting Started Guide

    Video enabled guild for Getting Started including search and signup functionality.

Find An Adviser

Search by State, Zip and Adviser Name and instantly see the offices and people that match your search criteria. In addition, the interactive map shows the location of each result and automatically zooms to the correct level with clickable results.

The Guidebook

The United Capital Guidebook enables clients to have an actionable plan to prioritize, implement, document, and review your financial life. The page provides an interactive demonstration of The Guidebook for both desktop and mobile users.

  • We believe Financial Life Management is superior to wealth management, when describing what we do: Improve lives by bringing truth, understanding and discipline to people’s choices over their entire financial life.

    Joe Duran CEO

Video Library

Honest Conversations

The new mobile and desktop friendly applications walks every client through United Capitals patent-pending Honest Conversations® exercise, which includes a series of color-coded cards centered around fears, commitments, and happiness. During the exercise, you’ll prioritize your cards, discuss why you chose them and talk about how you feel about each.

Your Money Mind

A mobile friendly application to determine Your Money Mind. We each have a dominant Money Mind that shapes our thinking every time we make a financial decision. Knowing yours (or your significant other’s) can be a powerful first step in taking control of your finances.

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