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Your company website represents the heart of the digital ecosystem and is the springboard for your entire digital presence. Let’s make it great!

United Capital

United Capital and over 50 of their regional offices built a partnership with Taylor Digital as we developed brand symmetry across all sites, and set up a content management system in which they all stay connected to one another. A connected business is a successful one, and our design supported United Capital in their already extensive efforts. Once they were all on the same page, United Capital could fully utilize their new features such as Sales Force Integration, a national search engine, and more so that they could continue to help their clients find financial freedom.

Ayres Hotel

Ayres Hotel, a well-respected name in the hospitality industry came to us for a website which accurate represented their excellence. We designed a Responsive Website as a mirror to their 24/7 access, gave them ability and access to all guest services, and set up an intricate points redemption system for all hotel guests. Ayres Hotel now is complete with a one-stop shop for their digital customer, complete with maps and social media integration allowing content, feedback, and reviews to be shared online.


Sonance, a multi-functional technology company needed a multi-functional website complete with multilingual support, responsive design, and an intelligent search function. Our goal for Sonance was to have a brand message and design that reached a wide audience anywhere from distributors to architects to design-conscious consumers. Through a beautiful and streamlined designed, we created a site for Sonance that appealed to each market and consumer, while giving Sonance a digital platform for their brand, and as a good representation of their umbrella company, Dana Innovations.

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Business driven, user-focused, innovative apps that transform improved ways to engage opportunities.

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Improve your search ranking and site visits with our strategic approach to search optimization and search marketing.

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Content Marketing

Establish your online presence as an industry thought leader with content and marketing campaigns geared towards achieving growth.

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