Custom Web Applications

Business Driven, User Focused

We create web applications specifically for what our clients need them to be. Everything is possible including integration to any other system both on premise and third party such as SalesForce, InfusionSoft, HubSpot and thousands more.

Since each application is specifically created for you there are no ongoing licensing costs and the solution belongs to you.

  • Anywhere Access

    Full access to all information from anywhere with an internet connection. No need to wait to get back to the office when everything you need is already at your fingertips.

  • Competitive Advantage

    When you move faster with lower friction you have an advantage over your competition. You retain existing clients and attract new opportunities.

  • Rapid Development

    Quickly enhance and add to the functionality as your business grows. We created the application for you so adding and updates happen fast.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Empower your web app to handle tasks that previously consumed your time. This will free your resources up for other more important initiatives.

  • Enhanced Communication

    Stay connected and in sync with everyone involved using Dashboards, Reports, Text/Email notifications and more.

  • Financial

    Payments, Commerce, Account Management integrated with your accounting systems results in faster timelines and improved cash flow.

Featured Examples

Ayres Hotels

  • Earn & Redeem Points

    Gives valued customers the opportunity to easily, track, and redeem points for future stays or gift cards through the Guest Dashboard.

  • Backend Management Tools

    Dashboard to review, approve, or decline guest requests in one portal.

  • Guest Management

    Manage guests and their hotel transactions, favorite locations, and activity in order to provide outstanding customer service.

  • Financial Accounting

    System includes transaction protection to ensure accuracy and maintain full history of every activity.

Diversified Healthcare

  • Advocate and Executive Dashboards

    Realtime reports with customizable filters provide immediate access to current status and performance of tasks.

  • Integration with Hospital Systems

    Bi-directional secure data connection with several hospital systems improves speed and accuracy.

  • HIPAA & HITECH Security

    Protection and management of PHI enforced following best practices and reporting procedures.

  • Phone System Integration

    Two way communication with phone system automates call tracking and assists in outbound call effort within application.

  • Advanced Workflow

    Flexible Workflow automation ensures accuracy of steps and completion of tasks. Process validation results in information accuracy and improved focus.

TPS Housing

  • Anywhere Access

    Full access to all information from anywhere with an internet connection. Previously client access was limited to their office.

  • Customer Relationship Managment

    Management of various relationships including clients, insurance adjusters, accommodations and furnishing resources. Ability to set Reminders, Tasks, and Notes on each contact.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Information specific to needs of the team which provide improved results to clients, vendors and management.

  • Budget Calculator

    Custom environment that auto calculates based on various needs of each record. Results are then integrated with detailed reporting systems.

United Capital

  • Corporate and 50+ Regional Office Sites

    Responsive Design for corporate site as well as over 50 regional office micro websites complete with content management system, video, animation and SalesForce and HubSpot Integration.

  • Information Center

    Step by step wizard that helps financial planners understand clients needs and aspirations by building a client portfolio.

  • Flipbook Application

    Online version of the United Capital Guidebook dynamically generated from SalesForce integration.

  • Your Money Mind Application

    Web Application helping people find their essential perspective on the ways they feel about money their biases that affect decision-making.

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Custom Web Applications

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