Lead Generation

Is Your Site Generating Leads?

While most websites desire to generate leads, not all website do so. Unless your focus is solely on selling products and services, the main goal of your website should be lead acquisition. Lead Generation is an art that takes time, patience, and skill.

If your site isn’t generating any leads, then it’s acting merely as an electronic brochure. When your site doesn’t encourage interaction, your customers are merely browsing your site instead of engaging in conversation. This is a great way to loose a perfectly warm lead.

Our Unique Approach

We believe Lead Generation begins and ends with education and information. When you teach your audience valuable information that assists and benefits them, they want to know more, and a lead is born.

We track your leads all the way to the point of conversion through a variety of services, so you may understand what content is attracting clients and building relationships.

  • Call Tracking

    By tracking phone calls we can detect the moment of conversion, supplying you with vital knowledge of where you should continue your marketing efforts.

  • Ad Words

    Attracting more visitors to you site is our end goal in all of our SEO campaigns. This begins with great content that benefits and helps your clients solve their most pressing problems.

  • Landing Pages

    Education begins even in the earliest stages of the buying cycle. Leveraging your landing page as a starting point for information can give you a higher conversion rate and a large ROI.

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