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Priority Access to Experts

Keeping your website/mobile app maintained is an ongoing process and should be performed on a frequent basis. Maintenance is important for resolving problem areas but also for the purpose of content refreshing, user engagement and increasing overall website/mobile traffic. Our service agreements provide our customers’ priority access to rapid answers and immediate assistance from our expert development team.

Our service agreements allow for Taylor Digital customers to enhance their web investments by intentionally committing resources to maintain their website at its peak performance. As your partner in your web/mobile performance, we will commit our design/development/marketing team to your success by offering timely and affordable plans scaled to meet your ongoing needs.

Taylor Digital Staff Services

  • Regular Consulting, Design, Search, Mobile, Social, Email Marketing, Development and Maintenance – These services are provided at the customer’s request in the form of application development projects, enhancements to the existing applications, new features or applications, change requests and configuration and troubleshooting, server optimization, consulting on IT needs and infrastructure, disaster planning, project management and capacity planning.
  • Development Staff Services – These above services are provided by the “Non-Executive” shared-staff labor pool and means that Taylor Digital will assign tasks and manage the workflow based upon developer availability and client workload.
  • Emergency Services – An emergency service consists of any service that is needed after business hours (8:00 to 6:00 PST) and requires an effort consisting of longer than 1 hour. If you are within your block of hours and the task is less than 1 hour it will be charged against your block of hours at the regular rate, otherwise, after hours emergency services will be billed at time-and-a-half your regular rate. Regular change requests within your hours are not considered emergencies even if they are urgent – unless the urgency requires that we significantly shift our development schedule.

Block Size (in hrs)

Hourly Rate


Starter 10


$ 1,750

Basic 25


$ 4,375

Core 50


$ 8,000

Pro 100



Ultra 150+

$ 135/hr



Taylor Digital Tracking System

Change requests and work orders will be entered into our work-order system and estimated before work starts. You (the client) will be able to ask for a report of your hours at any time so that you can easily keep track of hours on your block of time. All estimates are just that – estimates. Estimates are not a guarantee that the work can be completed in the estimated hours. We do our best to provide as accurate as possible estimates. Taylor Digital will do everything we can to communicate our idea of cost, but troubleshooting is an investigative procedure and by nature is open-ended.

Billing – Becoming a regular Taylor Digital Customer

(This section is based on going forward, after your first block of hours is provided, if you opt to become a regular customer of Taylor Digital.)

We recommend a credit card on file with us for automatic billing of the next batch of hours. Once the balance on your account is down to 30% remaining, we will get your approval to charge for the next block of hours. We will provide regular reports to enable you to monitor your account balance. The hours spent and billed against your block purchase are clearly detailed in our report. The report details how many hours you have on account, how many hours you have spent, and the tasks and requests those hours accomplished. If credit card data is not on file then an invoice will be issued whenever the block of hours has 30% remaining. The new invoice is due upon receipt. Continuation of work is contingent upon having hours on account. If the hours run out Taylor Digital cannot guarantee that work will continue while we await payment.

If you choose not to pay the invoice you may still use Taylor Digital services provided Taylor Digital has resources available to use on your behalf. You will be charged our “pay per hour” rate (currently $175 for staff and $225 for executive). Also, you may be subject to pay “required advances” for items of significant length. Taylor Digital cannot guarantee resources to be at your disposal unless you have hours on account. Most maintenance contracts hourly rates are based upon the use of (non-Executive) staff resources. However, if significant Executive staff resources are required, then the hourly rate for these Executive services will be billed at time-and-a-half your regular Staff rate.

Resource Availability – You are a priority!

Based upon your pre-purchased block of time Taylor Digital will ensure resources are available to your organization.

Project Management Hours

Standard practices include Project Management resources which typically can consume anywhere from 15-20% of the time/hours. Please be aware though, that Taylor Digital Project Management assets will not exceed 20% of the hours on your account.